Add the stupid tube to your arsenal, I promise, it'll make you look smart! Photo by Phoenix Moore

We all know that one of the biggest problems with tube fishing is that they snag easily. The stupid tube rig solves that problem. It’s totally weedless.

A second problem with conventional tube rigs is that all they’ll do on the fall is spiral. I’m not saying a spiral’s totally bad, but sometimes we want to show the fish something different — something they haven’t seen before. The stupid tube rig glides gently toward the bottom as it falls. That gives it a completely different look. 

You Only Need Two Things to Build a Stupid Tube Rig

  1. The right jig head is the first step. You’ll need one with a 60-degree line tie, NOT a 90-degree line tie. There are two hook choices on your jig head that’ll work really well. The first is to pick one with an EWG-style hook. The second is to pick one with a round bend and a long shank. Your weight choice will vary depending on how deep you’re fishing. The VMC Dominator Tube Jig Head is perfect for the stupid tube rig. It has the 60-degree line tie and it has a long shank, round bend super sharp hook.  
  2. The only thing you need after that is a quality tube. I’m partial to finesse tubes in the 3.5-inch size range. My choice is the Berkley PowerBait Power Tube. If you want to go smaller than 3.5 inches, they’re made in a 2.5-inch size. If you want to go bigger, they’re made in a 4.5-inch size.

Let’s Put it Together

  1. Hold the tube head down so that the tentacles spread out and make the hole inside the tube visible. Slide the jig head, hook point first, into the hole with the point of the hook facing you. Thread it all the way through until it’s about a quarter-inch from the head of the tube. Then push it out, through the plastic. Pull it until the head of the jig is against the inside wall of the tube. 
  2. Rotate the head of the jig 180 degrees and push the line tie through the plastic.
  3. When you’re done, the line tie should be sticking out of one side of the tube and your hook should be sticking out of the other.
  4. The last step is to run the hook point into the tube and make an ordinary Texas rig. Make sure your tube is perfectly straight when you get done. If necessary, take the time to adjust it. A perfectly straight tube will catch a lot more bass.

That’s all there is to it! You now have a weedless tube that you can fish almost anywhere, and it’ll have a different look because of its soft, gentle glide on the fall.

Give the stupid tube rig a try this year. You’ll like it.