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Guntersville Set to Shine for Choo Choo Opener

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Antoni Bicy and Cameron Gautney show off an example of Guntersville's bass population. Photo by Jesse Schultz. Anglers: Antoni Bicy, Cameron Gautney.
January 18, 2021 • Mason Prince • Phoenix Bass Fishing League

The 2021 Phoenix Bass Fishing League Presented by T-H Marine Choo Choo Division gets started February 13 at Lake Guntersville in Scottsboro, Alabama. Guntersville is famous for fantastic largemouth fishing and plenty of grass to keep the shallow bite strong throughout the year.

Tournament Details

Phoenix Bass Fishing League presented by T-H Marine Choo Choo Division

Lake Guntersville

February 13, 2021

Scottsboro, Alabama

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Jordan Lee battles a wintertime bass a little south of Guntersville on Lake Eufaula. Photo by Phoenix Moore

What to Expect

Winter ends a little earlier in north Alabama than in most other parts of the country. While much of the country will still be fighting off cold fronts and snowstorms, Alabama starts to get its first sights of spring in February. According to MLF Bass Pro Tour pro Jordan Lee, February can be prime time on Guntersville.

“I think if you can hit Guntersville at the right time in February and get a little lucky with a warming trend, it’s one of the best times of the year to fish it,” said the 2020 Bass Pro Tour Angler of the Year. “Even if there isn’t a little warming trend, it’s still going to be a great time to fish it.”

Lee expects the fish to definitely be in “prespawn mode” at Guntersville come mid-February. Though the grass may not be as prevalent as it is later in the year, the grass that’s there will hold big fish.

“Usually, eelgrass is really all that’s left that time of the year,” Lee said. “Those patches of grass are typical staging areas because those fish won’t really be in the backs of creeks and pockets yet. On the main lake, the fish can be set up on points and little turns if they’re in the grass. You can catch them out deeper, but typically the grass bite is where you’re going to find your numbers.”

Mark Rose won an FLW Tour event on Guntersville in 2017.

Strategies in Play

Obviously, Lee is no stranger to winning at the highest levels of bass fishing. He also knows what it will take to win on Guntersville next month. Lee has already registered for the BFL event, which takes place a week before he looks to win his first REDCREST. As an experienced Guntersville angler, Lee knows what usually plays in the winter.

“There’s going to be a couple of different ways to catch them, and one for sure is a rattlebait,” Lee explained. “I would go ahead and throw a swimbait in there, too. It’s really about finding the right water with the right grass. Those two baits are probably the keys for me, but I’m sure other guys will figure out other ways to catch them as well.”

As for what it’s going to take to come away with a win, Lee predicts it’ll take a sizable bag to take home the top prize.

“I would guess that it’s going to take about 25 pounds to win it,” Lee predicted. “I think 2 pounds more or less than 25 is a pretty good window to shoot for. It’s going to take a pretty good bag and you’re going to have to be on a pretty good area. This won’t be a ‘run and gun’ kind of deal. A lot of weight is going to be from one spot.”