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Reinkemeyer Eases Into the Lead at Truman

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September 16, 2022 • Brenden Kanies • Toyota Series

WARSAW, Mo. – The winner of the first Plains Division event of the season at Lake of the Ozarks and one of the preeminent locals on Truman Lake, Brock Reinkemeyer moved into the lead on Day 2. Weighing 13 pounds, 13 ounces for a 30-11 total, Reinkemeyer is in the hunt for the second Toyota Series Presented by A.R.E. win of his career, but only leads by a hairsbreadth. In second, Brad Jelinek tallied another 15 pounds to sit 6 ounces back with 30-5, and Day 1 leader Kyle Schutta is only 10 ounces back with 30-1.

With fish stuck between a late summer and early fall pattern, persistence has been the key to success for Reinkemeyer over the first two days. Keeping his head down, he was able to come on top of the leaderboard on Day 2.

“It was a grinder today, I was freaking out, like man this ain’t happening,” he said. “I’d pull up to 10 spots and catch nothing, before getting bit on the eleventh spot.”

Methodically picking apart cover with slow-moving baits, Reinkemeyer had to force-feed fish into biting – often casting to the same spots multiple times.

“I’ve been fishing pretty slow, pitching a jig and a worm – it’s no secret,” he said. “I learned today to throw at everything at least 10 times, probably more.”

After thoroughly exhausting a key location, Reinkemeyer has been utilizing an unconventional tactic–at least for this time of year. He’s picking up an Alabama rig and burning it through the water column, hoping to fire up a fish or two that still hasn’t bit.

“I was able to pick up a keeper yesterday on the A-rig,” he said. “It’s a fun way to fish, and gives me a chance to possibly get a kicker before heading to the next spot.”

Reinkemeyer was able to pick up a small limit early, but had trouble trading them out as the day went on. He was finally able to cull a few keepers late in the afternoon. Unfortunately, he also incurred a 4-ounce dead fish penalty–making his tight lead even smaller.

“I use frozen milk jugs as ice in my livewell during these hot-weather tournaments,” Reinkemeyer said. “And I forgot to take the label off of one. I guess it finally worked its way free and clogged my recirculating pump. I ended up losing a fish because of it.”

With just ounces separating him from the rest of the leaderboard, Reinkemeyer will have his work cut out for him tomorrow. Anglers will take off at 7 a.m. CT from Sterett Creek Resort and Marina in Warsaw. Weigh-in will also be held at the marina and will begin at 3 p.m. CT. Fans are welcome to attend the event or follow the action online in what is shaping up to be a photo-finish on Truman Lake.

Top 10 Pros

1. Brock Reinkemeyer – 30 – 11 (10) 

2. Brad Jelinek – 30 – 05 (10) 

3. Kyle Schutta – 30 – 01 (10) 

4. Hunter Baughman – 29 – 09 (10)   

5. Austin Culbertson – 27 – 04 (10)    

6. Chris Bridges – 26 – 08 (10)

7. Casey Scanlon – 25 – 15 (10)          

8. Greg Proffitt – 25 – 11 (10)

9. BJ Miller – 25 – 05 (10)       

10. Jeffrey Smith – 25 – 00 (9)

Complete Results

Larson’s Consistency Moves Him Up

Dewey Larson was able to bump Strike King co-angler leader Kevin Hesson from the hot seat, backing up his Day 1 6-pound total with 7-14 on Day 2. Meanwhile, Hesson brought only one fish to the scales but was able to remain in second with a total of 13-8. Nipping at their heels is Jeff Moss, with a 12-6 total over two days.

Larson started off the week extremely slow – literally. He landed a pro angler with boat issues, which ended up being a bit of a blessing in disguise.

“On Day 1 my boater blew up his motor before he got here,” Larson said. “He then borrowed a boat and blew the starter before we got going, so we had to use the trolling motor all day. We just fished right around takeoff all day long.”

Making the most of the situation, his boater was able to scrape out a 10-pound limit, and Larson caught three fish for a respectable 6 pounds.

“I’ve caught every fish this week flippin’ behind my boaters,” Larson said. “On Day 2 we did a little bit of the same, we were just able to run all over the lake doing it.”

Drawing two pros fishing similar tactics, Larson was able to slowly flip to key cover. He noted that fishing out of the back of the boat is a whole different ballgame – but Truman offers ample opportunity for those at the stern.

“When it’s a flippin’ bite, you just try to pick the spots your boater misses,” Larson said. “I keep an eye on what they’re doing and either flip the other side of the tree or pick a whole different tree. Out here, there’s plenty of targets.”

Not sticking to one lure, he found it important to keep rotating until the fish decide what they want.

“I was able to pre-fish for a few days, and figured out you need to swap baits around until you find one that works,” Larson said. “It seems like every day is a little different.”

Larson has overcome adversity and a tough bite to earn the opportunity to go out tomorrow with tournament leader Reinkemeyer. With both separated from the competition by ounces, it could be an exciting day on the water.

“I’m going to go out there and go fishing tomorrow, there’s no guarantees,” Larson said. “I’ve got a couple second-place finishes and a couple of thirds, I kinda feel like I’m due for a win!”

Top 10 Strike King Co-anglers

1. Dewey Larson – 13 – 14 (6)

2. Kevin Hesson – 13 – 08 (6) 

3. Jeff Moss – 12 – 06 (5)       

4. Tate Brumnett – 11 – 15 (5)           

5. Jason Swanson – 11 – 09 (4)          

6. Troy Karafa – 11 – 04 (5)    

7. Jason Sandidge – 10 – 13 (5)          

8. John Bowen III – 10 – 11 (4)

9. Will Lancett – 10 – 06 (5)   

10. Mark Horton – 10 – 05 (4)

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