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Wisniewski earns Strike King co-angler title at the St. Lawrence River

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Two huge days put Taylor Wisniewski on top at the St. Lawrence River. Photo by Charles Waldorf.
August 12, 2023 • Jody White • Toyota Series

MASSENA, N.Y. – Weighing a total of 55 pounds, 14 ounces for 14 bass, Taylor Wisniewski beat out Akira Okuyama by a slim margin for the win in the Toyota Series Presented by Phoenix Boats Northern Division event on the St. Lawrence River. Catching 23-6 on Day 1, four for 8-13 on Day 2 and 23-11 on Day 3, Wisniewski led on Day 1, dropped to 14th, and then rocketed back up to win on the final day. For the victory, Wisniewski picked up a new Phoenix boat package as well as $800 in winnings and contingency money.

“This is only my third Toyota Series, I’m just tagging along to fish,” Wisniewski said. “I traveled with Clay Reece and Brent Anderson; hats off to them for taking me along to fish, that’s about it. It’s awesome, I didn’t know I was going to win. I was sitting up there holding the trophy, and I didn’t know if I should be.”

Taylor Wisniewski torched them behind Erik Luzak on the final day. Photo by Jody White

Fishing shallow on Day 1, then deep on the final day, Wisniewski worked with a few standard St. Lawrence techniques.

“I caught them on about every different thing on Day 1,” he said. “We fished shallow, and I pulled out the Carolina rig, and a marabou jig and the Ned rig. Day 2, we scrambled; we ran all the way to the line, and we didn’t get them. I literally got two squeakers on my last two casts, right by the ramp. Today, we ran down to the line again, and I had my good ones within the first few hours. It was definitely a morning bite.”

For his Ned rig, Wisniewski used a Z-Man Finesse TRD, and he put a Zoom UltraVibe Speed Craw on his Carolina rig.

In the end, Wisniewski said it came down to good draws and a little good fortune.  

“I got to take my hat off to the boaters, that’s a lot of it,” he said. “The light just shined on me.”

Top 10 Strike King co-anglers

1. Taylor Wisniewski – 55 – 14 (14) – $34,300

2. Akira Okuyama – 55 – 3 (15) – $5,375

3. Mason Chapman – 53 – 9 (15) – $4,300

4. Greg McDavid – 52 – 10 (15) – $3,650

5. Christopher Dam – 52 – 1 (14) – $3,350

6. Cooper Jett – 50 – 7 (15) – $2,650

7. Braxton Clements – 50 – 3 (15) – $2,150

8. Greg Flippen – 49 – 1 (15) – $1,825

9. Tim McGlenn – 48 – 10 (15) – $1,530

10. Christian Rich – 47 – 14 (13) – $1,290

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