When looking at the list of “Major League Fishing Records,” you’ll see Jacob Wheeler’s name next to many of them. With his latest win at the General Tire Stage Five Presented by Berkley, Wheeler put his name on yet another: most wins on the Bass Pro Tour. Wheeler’s victory on the St. Lawrence River marks his fourth Bass Pro Tour win: 

  • 2019 Stage Seven on Table Rock Lake
  • 2020 Stage One on Lake Eufaula 
  • 2021 Stage Two on Lake Travis 
  • 2021 Stage Five on the St. Lawrence 

On Wednesday, Wheeler won Stage Five with a total of 35 scorable bass for 129 pounds. He says this win on the St. Lawrence stands out because it’s a smallmouth fishery, which is a skill he’s worked hard to master over the course of his career. During this event, Wheeler also broke the Bass Pro Tour record for most weight caught during a single competition day (165-1), the highest two-day weight (222-1), and the highest Championship Round weight (129).