As the countdown to the 2019 Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour season opener winds down to January 28, questions about the Bass Pro Tour continue to populate the MLF social media channels and inbox (as well as the social feeds of several of our anglers).

So, we went straight to the “Godfather” of MLF – league co-founder Gary Klein – for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions he’s also been fielding.

Here’s our latest MLF Bass Pro Tour FAQ, with Gary Klein:

Q. How does the expansion of the MLF Bass Pro Tour affect the existing MLF Cups? A. The four MLF Cup Events are unchanged from the Major League Fishing television product you already know and love. They have been the foundation of MLF and will continue to be filmed in the dark as a television product aired at a later date.

Instead of having designated Cup anglers as we have had in the past, we’re giving all 80 MLF Bass Pro Tour anglers the ability to qualify for a Cup based on their performance during Bass Pro Tour events. The Cups are bonus events that give MLF Bass Pro Tour anglers an additional opportunity to gain media exposure, earn income, and qualify for the MLF General Tire World Championship that airs on CBS. The Cups do not affect Bass Pro Tour standings, AOY standings, or qualification for Redcrest.

Q.What exactly is Redcrest?
A. Redcrest is the MLF Bass Pro Tour championship. The top 30 anglers will qualify for Redcrest based on a culmination of points from all eight 2019 MLF Bass Pro Tour event. Redcrest is scheduled for August 21-25, 2019.

Q. An exciting part of Major League Fishing has been the limited information anglers have before competing. But how much information will be accessible to MLF Bass Pro Tour anglers? A. From the time an MLF Bass Pro Tour angler learns of a scheduled event, there will be a strict “no information” rule in place. That means that anglers cannot receive any private information, waypoints, etc. from that moment through the end of the event

Q. Major League Fishing uses a catch, weigh, and immediate release format, so will the MLF Bass Pro Tour have weigh-ins?
A. Instead of a traditional weigh-in, the MLF Bass Pro Tour will continue the catch-weigh-release format on the water, and host a post-game show at a local venue following each day of competition. The post-game show will involve each of the 40 anglers that compete on a given day discussing their day with highlights. Local fans will be encouraged to attend these events, as well as watch it live streaming at