REDCREST Rewards: Costa Compete + Conserve - Major League Fishing
REDCREST Rewards: Costa Compete + Conserve
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REDCREST Rewards: Costa Compete + Conserve

Image for REDCREST Rewards: Costa Compete + Conserve
Bobby Lane holds up the prize he won through Costa Compete + Conserve during REDCREST 2022. Photo by Costa. Angler: Bobby Lane.
April 4, 2022 • Luke Stoner • Bass Pro Tour

GROVE, Okla. – There wasn’t an abundant amount of sunshine in northeast Oklahoma during REDCREST 2022 presented by Costa. Instead, competing anglers fished through cold temps, steady cloud cover, and howling wind throughout the five-day event on Grand Lake. Even though the sun was largely absent, sunglasses weren’t far from the 41 competing anglers’ minds both literally and figuratively thanks to the Costa Compete + Conserve contingency program. 

Compete + Conserve rewards the highest finishing angler wearing Costa shades in any supported tournament with a cash bonus (or prize package). The payout for REDCREST was an incredible $7,500, which was captured by eventual champion Bobby Lane. Along with the angler bonus, an additional $1,000 will be donated to one of five conservation partners of Lane’s choosing. 

The conservation component of this one-of-a-kind contingency program is included for every single sanctioned tournament whether it’s the Bass Pro Tour, a team tournament trail, a Phoenix Bass Fishing event, or high school and college fishing events. Bass Pro Tour standout Ott DeFoe took home the REDCREST rewards in 2021 and is a huge proponent of what Compete + Conserve stands for. 

“It’s great to see an industry leader like Costa put together a program like Compete + Conserve,” DeFoe said. “Not only do anglers get paid to wear the best sunglasses on the water, but you support groups looking after our rivers, lakes, and reservoirs in the process. That’s what makes this program truly special.” 

But Compete + Conserve isn’t only available to top tier pros, Costa recently added over 200+ grassroots events to the list of supported events. The program is 100% free to register for, you just need to own a pair of Costas and compete in an eligible tournament to participate. 

For more information on the program, a full list of supported tournaments, or to get yourself registered before you hit the water this weekend, click this link – or shoot [email protected] an email.