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Brent Chapman Would Boat Official For: Kevin VanDam

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February 22, 2018 • Joel Shangle • Cup Events

ALPENA, MI – Sitting in a meeting room full of Angler of the Year champions (including himself), Bassmaster Classic winners and several of the all-time tournament money-winners of all time, MLF Summit Cup pro Brent Chapman ponders for a quick minute when he’s asked the question: “Which MLF angler would you most like to serve as a boat official for?”

It doesn’t take long, though, for Chapman to come up with an answer.

“If I could be a fly on the wall with anybody, it would definitely be Kevin VanDam,” Chapman says, nodding toward the seven-time Elite Series AOY. “As a competitor, you’re always wanting to see what other guys are doing, and how they beat you. Kevin has done a pretty good job of beating all of us over the years. I don’t necessarily want to see how he fishes, but more how organized he is and how he conducts himself when he’s not fishing.”

VanDam is frequently lauded for his intensity and his confidence, but Chapman points out that KVD is, above all else, a study in efficiency.

“Kevin’s efficiency both on and off the water fascinates me,” Chapman admits. “If I had a day with him, I’d take notes on how he does the whole process: how he launches his boat, how he does his tackle, what he looks for in his Ride Around, everything. These officials who have sat in the boat with Kevin over the years, I bet every one of them could write a book about the things they’ve learned.”