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What is That ‘Thing’ on the Back of the MLF Boats?

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March 9, 2018 • Rachel Dubrovin • Cup Events

Dozens of Major League Fishing viewers have asked us one question this season: What are those black “things” near the Power Poles on the back of the boats?

Here’s your answer: Those black disks are antennas, and they’re part of our SCORETRACKER system. It’s customized, proprietary equipment that provides MLF participants with instant updates on anglers’ scores. It allows boat officials to send out information about each catch, and it allows boat officials to message one another in spots they normally would not have cell service.

“We’re outpacing the industry regarding instant in-boat scoring systems because our SCORETRACKER provides real-time official results,” said MLF Commissioner Don Rucks.

That system also helps keep our anglers, boat officials, and photographers safe because MLF Officials can track every boat on the lake.

So the next time you’re watching an episode of MLF, and a friend asks, “What the heck are those black things by the Power Poles?”

You can say, “Those are antennas that make the SCORETRACKER updates possible, and make MLF an exciting show to watch.”