Roughly a year ago, the MLF Fisheries Management Division (FMD) in Partnership With Berkley Labs teamed up with a team of locals and MLF pros to place fish habitats in Duck River Reservoir in Cullman, Alabama. The project, sponsored by Minn Kota, placed 85 MossBack Fish Habitats in the reservoir to benefit local anglers.

Who better to check on the project’s success than Kevin VanDam?

VanDam spent an afternoon on Duck River Reservoir during an off day on the Bass Pro Tour to explore the scenic fishery and assess how well the fish population had responded to the habitat project. His report: the project is a smashing success, and he has the fish to prove it.

Ride along with VanDam as he shows off the fruits of the Minn Kota-sponsored project, and interviews several local anglers who have enjoyed the benefits of FMD and Minn Kota’s work.