Friday the 13th appears to be Mark Daniels, Jr.’s lucky day. He was unstoppable during Qualifying Day 1 of the Bass Pro Tour General Tire Stage Three Presented by TrueTimber. He racked up 84 pounds, 15 ounces pounds on SCORETRACKER®, leaving a substantial gap between first and second place (more than 12 pounds). If Daniels is able to hold onto first place when he returns to Lake Fork for during Qualifying Day 3, he’ll automatically qualify for the Championship Round. 

Jeff Sprague moved up to second place in Period 3, finishing the day with 72-12. Sprague is on a lake he’s very familiar with this week and many of the MLF pros say he has a good shot at winning Stage Three. 

Jason Christie ended Qualifying Day 1 in third place. More importantly, he made league history by landing a 10-04, which is the largest bass ever caught during an MLF competition. He’ll carry his weight of 68-12 over to Qualifying Day 3, which is the next time Group A will return to Lake Fork. 

We spoke with all three of the MLF pros when they came off the water on Friday.