During Qualifying Day 3 of the General Tire Stage Three Presented by TrueTimber, MLF pro Josh Bertrand made the most progress. He caught more than 40 pounds to move from just below the Elimination Line to seventh place. Now, he’s advancing to the Knockout Round on Tuesday.

Greg Hackney caught nearly 40 pounds during Qualifying Day 3 and he stayed well above the Elimination Line. In fact, he says he was able to scout for new areas for much of the final period to prepare for the Knockout Round, when weights zero and only the Top 8 advance. 

After a disappointing start to the season, Keith Poche turned things around in a big way during the third Stage of 2020. He ended the Qualifying Round in fourth place, with a cumulative weight of 89-10 (58-15 on Qualifying Day 1 and 30-11 on Qualifying Day 3). On Sunday he landed a 9-09, which is Poche’s personal best caught in a tournament.