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Hooks are Too Good at Their Job

December 8, 2008 • Curt Niedermier • Angler Columns

Here at the FLWOutdoors office, we keep a few shelves inour photoroom stocked with fishing lures from many tackle manufacturers. Each time we work on a story, we go to the room and pull out the appropriate lures for the story and put them together so they can be photographed.

As tackle organization goes, we are as organized as we can get, considering we are constantly digging through Plano boxes and adding or removing lures. My alter-Associate Editor Sean Ostruszka and I were just in the photo room digging out Reef Runner crankbaits for a department we’re working on, which brings me to the point of this blog.

Being the friendly co-worker I am, I tossed all the crankbaits we were gathering, which were to be separated by color, into one pile in an open slot of a Plano box. Then, I laughed as Sean attempted to separate the individual lures from what quickly became a tangled mess of treble hooks. It was hilarious, and I feel no remorse.

Other than Christmas lights and fishing line, nothing gets tangled faster, nor stays tangled longer, than a box full of crankbaits and treble hooks. He shook, pulled and picked his way to get them apart, and somehowmanaged to avoid burying one in his hand, which is a shame,becausewe canalways use photos illustrating how to remove ahook from the skin.Sean, I’m not sorry. And to hook manufacturers, your hooks may be too good at their job.