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The Bug

January 7, 2009 • Curt Niedermier • Angler Columns

It’s back. I’ve got it again. It’s crippling this time.

What is it?

The bug. The itch. The urge. I want to go fishing.

It has been way too long since I’ve hit the water. I’m not even sure I can still throw a baitcaster. Not that it matters, the line on my reels is probably about to crumble, and it’s surely stuck in a coiled position. I’ve been hearing some strange noises in my house at night, and Iwouldn’t doubt if it’s my rods and lures holding secret meetings to plan a conspiracy to run off with the guy down the road who has been fishing all winter.

Last winter I fished quite often. In fact, I fished in some of the coldest, nastiest weather a guy can stand while on a lake. But this winter, I’ve spent more time in the woods, celebrating the holidays and spending time with some friends than Ihave chasing fish. I feel bad. I feel out of practice. I feel embarrassed. And now I feel it’s time to get back out there.

Next week, I’m heading to Falcon Reservoir for a Stren and FLWCollege Fishing tournament, where I will no doubt rekindle my need to fish. When Iget back to Kentucky, if I don’t get on the water at least once a week, there’s a good chance Imight explode. Seriously.

For now, this bug is crippling. But if I may try a poorly executed twist on one of my favorite Saturday Night Live skits:”I’ve got a fever. And the only prescription is more fishing.”

Next week I fill that prescription.