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Pumping Nibbles

January 13, 2009 • Curt Niedermier • Angler Columns

Last night I set up a makeshift photo studio in my apartment to snap a few pics of some crappie lures I have been customizing. The customization is pretty simple, and it’s not much to talk about. But I would like to show a couple of products I think could work well for other species, especially walleyes.

The first is Berkley PowerBait Crappie Nibbles. I’m not really sure what goes into a batch of Crappie Nibbles, but it stinks like something fish would want to eat. I know that because my girlfriend found it a bit sour smelling, “like dead fish,” she said, after it baked under the lamps illuminating my “studio.”It wasn’t pleasant.

Crappie Nibbles are basically small dough balls of PowerBait goop. Crappie anglers use them to tip small jigs or cram them up the business end of crappie tubes for more scent, which brings me to the next product.

The Bait Pump is a heavy-duty, acrylic syringe for injecting Crappie Nibbles into dark places of unsuspecting fishing lures. It is made of two pieces. The front piece has the application tip and a chamber for filling with the Nibbles. The back is the plunger. It threads into the front, and when twisted, it compresses the Nibbles until they squeeze out the front in a controllable bead. It reminds me of a frosting tube for decorating cakes – but much more stinky.

The best part is if you cram the Bait Pump into a tube and hold the tube tight while filling, it will swell up into a thick, scent-filled, baitfish-looking silhouette.Like Isaid, it’s popular for crappie fishermen who use Crappie Nibbles a lot. But don’t tell me it wouldn’t work great for walleyes or smallmouths.

It works on other lures as well, but the tube is best because it has a large hollow space perfect for holding squishy Nibbles. Even better, when done this way, those Crappie Nibbles last a long time.

I’ll post some pictures soon so you can check it out.