Forrest Wood Cup Trends: Day 3 - Major League Fishing
Forrest Wood Cup Trends: Day 3
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Forrest Wood Cup Trends: Day 3

Heat, boat traffic converge on Cup
August 7, 2010 • Curtis Niedermier • Angler Columns

Probably the most notable difference between today and the first round of the Forrest Wood Cup was the increase in boat traffic on Lake Lanier. This lake is gorgeous, with its clear water and deep, jagged coves and creeks. And obviously, the locals like to get out on the water and enjoy it. The result of that, however, is what sometimes resembles a washing machine. Waves and wake make for rough boat rides and busy water. But I like that. It adds another challenge to this game for the best anglers in the world. The competitors that can handle the boat pressure and find a way to put together a good bag today just might be in the driver’s seat going into day four tomorrow, when everyone is down to his last chance.

To add to the challenge, the heat is back today. Not that it’s been cold, or even cool, the last two days, but it’s been bearable for summer in the South. Today, however, sunshine and little wind brought back the heat. I like that too, because it’s another factor these anglers must deal with to prove who is best.

As for how the top 30 did today, I’ll just tell you this. I am very confident there will be some drama and excitement at the top of the leaderboard today. I watched some good fish get caught by a top name in the pro fishing game, and I heard rumors of the same from another top stick. Get ready, because I think there’s going to be a superstar shootout tomorrow, and I can’t wait. Tune in to FLW Outdoors online weigh-in coverage to watch it play out. Or come down to the Gwinnett Center Arena and see it in person.

I’d also like to throw a shout out to any fishing fans following these blogs and our on-the-water Twitter updates that might be out there on Lake Lanier following and watching the pros fish this weekend. Today I ran into one gentleman and his son out on the water while shooting pictures for FLW Outdoors Magazine. They’ve been reading the blogs and are looking forward to the inside scoop on how the pros have been pulling spotted bass from Lanier’s deep brush piles. I told them we’d hook everyone up with that information in the October issue of the magazine. If anyone else out there is thinking of watching the pros tomorrow, stop and say hello to us. We’ll be the ones with the cameras. And don’t forget to be safe and give the pros plenty of room to operate.