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An Unexpected Gift

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Trish Blake, president of marketing at FLW, is a breast cancer survivor. She says the experience of battling cancer has changed her outlook on life and was a blessing, however surprising that may seem. Photo by Travis Wavescorx.
Celebrating survivors and supporters during Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October 12, 2015 • Trish Blake • Angler Columns

What a year it has been! As I begin my very first blog post, I am thankful, humbled and extremely proud to call myself a breast cancer survivor. Not necessarily the club one expects or wants to be part of, but I am here to tell you that it has been a gift in so many ways.

I know, many of you are thinking a "gift" to be diagnosed with cancer? The answer is yes.

The wisdom, knowledge and endless silver linings that come with a cancer diagnosis have fundamentally changed who I am. Never again will I see the world the same way. I am forever grateful for the surprising inner strength and humor (this is key) that I found, support from an amazing FLW family that includes many of you reading this, and the endless support from my family and friends.

I know many of you have been touched by cancer of some sort, and specifically breast cancer, so perhaps you know how it feels to have such a life-changing experience and all that comes with it.

As we celebrate breast cancer awareness this month, my hope and intent with this post is to raise further awareness and promote early detection for the disease. I would also like to celebrate all survivors and supporters – we did it!

We never know what's around the corner. It's how we choose to face it that truly matters!