Looking forward to the opportunity to connect with local high-schoolers this week in Garland, Texas. Photo by Phoenix Moore

As the father of two, I can tell you that “back to school” is something that parents look forward to more than kids, but I’m especially excited about an event at the Bass Pro Shops in Garland, Texas, on March 14 at 7:30 p.m. CDT.

I’ll be doing my first “Edwin Evers Q&A Session” with a bunch of high school bass club anglers and their parents. We’ll be gathered in a big conference room for an hour or more, and I’ll be fielding any questions that get thrown my way.

The event is sponsored by Optima Batteries. It’s part of the “Reel ‘Em In With Edwin Evers” fishing trip giveaway, so if you’re a high school angler or parent in the area, I hope you can attend and sign up.

Optima and Berkley are also stepping up and giving away some gear at the event. I’m told that everyone who attends will leave with something good. You’ve got to love great sponsors like that! I’m very fortunate!

The First of Four

This event in Garland will be the first of four Q&A sessions that I’ll do with high schoolers. The others will be tied to Bass Pro Tour events in Raleigh, North Carolina; Grove, Oklahoma; and Neenah, Wisconsin. I’ll provide dates and locations later, but watch for announcements from Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s stores in those areas. I truly hope to see you there.

I’m excited about these sessions because it’s exactly the kind of thing I wish I could have gone to when I was in high school. It would have been a huge deal to me to have a chance to talk with Denny Brauer about flipping or Shaw Grigsby about sight fishing or Paul Elias about deep cranking. If some kids can be half as excited about talking with me, I’m all in.

These Sessions Will Teach ME, Too!

Another thing I love about talking fishing with young people is it makes me think about things in ways I may not have considered before.

We all approach the world and our fishing from a unique perspective. None of us has all the answers or can even ask all the right questions, but when we talk with each other, pick each other’s brains and think about things in new and different ways, we can have breakthroughs. I’m absolutely sure that I’ll leave these Q&A sessions with new ideas and some questions, too. That’s pretty exciting.

And I think high schoolers are just the right group to keep a strong discussion going. They’ll have enough on-the-water experience to ask really good questions and enough new ideas to challenge the things that I may be taking for granted. It’s the kind of give-and-take we all need from time to time, but can’t always get from our fishing buddies because we don’t want to give away an edge!

Someone Will “Reel ‘Em In” a Trip With Me

After the last Q&A session in Wisconsin, we’ll randomly select a winner of the “Reel ‘Em In With Edwin Evers” fishing trip. It’s a great prize, and one I think any high school angler would be thrilled to win.

There will plenty of fishing gear (more on this later) and an all-expenses-paid fishing trip with me to Grand Lake in Oklahoma or Falcon Lake on the Texas-Mexico border or maybe some other place that the winner and I will choose together. It will depend on where the winner lives and where he or she would like to fish.

How’s that for a custom-made prize?

For now, I’m looking forward to the first Q&A on March 14 in Texas. It’ll be great to talk with high school anglers about fishing, and why it’s important to us all. There may be a generation between us, but I’d like to believe we have more in common than we have things to divide us.

Remember, in life every fish counts.