Jordan Lee is ready to battle for the first-ever REDCREST trophy.

REDCREST 2019 is almost here, and I feel that I’m ready to fish it. This is our first major championship event on the Bass Pro Tour, and we’re going to a prime spot for bass fishing at a prime time of the year. We’re likely going to catch a lot of bass. 

The Upper Mississippi River doesn’t produce a lot of really big bass, but there are a lot of quality fish there. Throwing frogs is usually a productive approach for catching them, and I’m sure I’ll be doing that, but you can catch fish doing other things, too. I’ve used my downtime preparing and getting ready for REDCREST.

How I’m Preparing

Besides loving to fish, it’s my job. So, I’ve fished some local tournaments in my little aluminum rig in the past few weeks to stay sharp. I don’t like having a lot of downtime heading into events – I like being warmed up and ready to go, and especially when it’s a championship where $300,000 and a “first-ever” trophy is on the line. 

I like to stay out in the elements and stay in fishing shape. I don’t go to the gym, but I fish in all weather to prepare my body and mind to be able to withstand those elements during a tournament. Plus, I do “normal people” stuff and keep busy, like cutting the grass and doing household chores. There’s always something to keep you active.

Also, for REDCREST – and any other MLF event I fish, for that matter – I tinker a lot: getting the boat and gear ready, trying out things I may want to use, etc. I’ve been testing some Abu Garcia squarebill rods lately to see about adding them to my lineup.

My confidence is high heading into this event. Physically and mentally, I feel really good. I’ve enjoyed fishing the MLF format this year. All of us need to be able to play the format we’re fishing, and for me, I feel like I did pretty well and enjoyed it.

I haven’t fished in a big tourney in a while, so I’m really looking forward to fishing the Mississippi. Previous times there, I just looked for big fish, never numbers – now, I need to do both to be able to perform well. I hope I have a good practice, but I don’t have to have a great practice to do well. I just need to fish a good tournament to make the Top 10 and have a shot at winning.