There's a whole lot that goes into making good juju, and avoiding bad juju. Photo by Phoenix Moore

Welp, I didn’t exactly finish at Lake Eufaula like I’d hoped, but with Eufaula in the rear-view mirror, I’m focused on Florida. Wearing my flip-flops and keepin’ my mind right! So far so good: finished my Qualifying Round in second place and I am fishing the Knockout Round on Tuesday, so I have some good juju.

You see, here’s the thing: you make your own juju.

Day 1 at Eufaula, I had it rollin’. I was makin’ my own spinnerbait for the current conditions, and it was producing, big time – that’s the juju I’m talkin’ about – and I did my best to keep that juju flowin’ straight into Okeechobee.

So what goes into making your own juju? Well, several factors play into that. It may be past, present or future.

Good Juju Versus Bad Juju

Fishing off history can create bad juju. Getting caught up in what “you think” everyone else is doin’ – leaving your game plan, man that can make some real bad juju real quick. You know what else can make bad juju? Eating freshwater fish the same week of a tournament. Fishin’ too fast when you hear that SCORETRACKER® goin’ off,  that’s baaaad juju, man.

On the other hand, you gotta capitalize on your opportunities to make your own good juju. I mean, don’t ever pass up on doing that good deed, especially while you’re getting ready for a tournament. Once I found a heron all wrapped up in line on the side of the bank. I got that bird – which wasn’t easy, mind you – but I got all that line out of him, and guess what? Yep, I won that tournament.

Don’t let the juju train pass you by. You gotta help people out, that makes good juju.

If you come in from a bad tournament and that camera is in your face, the best thing you can do is be the same person as the day that you did catch ‘em. You know, say “I just didn’t catch ‘em today.” ‘Cause everybody is going to have those days, those cycles. It’s how you deal with the ebbs and flows that makes or breaks your good juju.

I started making good juju on Lake Eufaula, and I’m carrying it as far as I can in Okeechobee. Photo by Jesse Schultz

You Can’t Always Control the Juju

Hey, but some juju-makin’ things are just out of your control. I’m talking ‘bout that certain guy or co-angler – you know, the black cat.  Yep, that dude’s just oozin’ bad juju.

Let’s take it up another level: Maybe it’s a certain official or a cameraman, haha. Just sayin’: bad juju!

Keeping that train of thought, I did happen to win two major tournaments with the same cameraman! That’s some good juju, and I love that dude!

You know what else is good juju? Eating certain things before a tournament. Man will somebody please invite me to a good ol’ crawfish boil?

Just remember, when you have that good juju all over you, sustaining is the hardest thing, ’cause everybody’s always wantin’ to steal your good juju. The first thing I do when somebody wins a tournament is go and shake their hand and congratulate them on the win – and, hey man, rub some of that good juju on me!