GALLERY: Covercraft Pro Bradley Roy Hosts Another Successful High School Open - Major League Fishing
GALLERY: Covercraft Pro Bradley Roy Hosts Another Successful High School Open
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GALLERY: Covercraft Pro Bradley Roy Hosts Another Successful High School Open

Image for GALLERY: Covercraft Pro Bradley Roy Hosts Another Successful High School Open
The 8th Annual Bradley Roy High School Open Presented by Covercraft was held on Lake Cumberland. Photo by Danielle Roy.
October 27, 2020 • Major League Fishing • Angler News
The 2020 Bradley Roy High School Open presented by Covercraft was a success. Photo by Danielle Roy

JAMESTOWN, Ky. – The 2020 Bradley Roy High School Open presented by Covercraft was the most exciting in its eight-year history.

One hundred forty high school teams and 23 junior teams (6-8th grade) competed October 17 on Lake Cumberland, and the Top 5 fished on Cedar Creek Lake in Stanford, Kentucky the following day. The Top 2 teams earned a spot in the 2021 Bassmaster High School National Championship: Connor Baker and Evan Morris of Larue Country, and Hunter Shelton and Jordan Hampton of Trigg County.

The winners, Baker and Morris, weighed a bag of five fish (two largemouth and three spotted bass) totaling 9.98 pounds, which included the big fish of the event, a 4.97-pound largemouth. The runners-up, Shelton and Hampton, weighed in 9.85.

Baker and Morris also displayed outstanding sportsmanship on Saturday. John Harris of Danville, Kentucky, was also fishing in a local tournament on Lake Cumberland and experienced mechanic troubles. The eventual winning team towed Harris’ boat back to the ramp where his event had launched that morning. Not to mention, the student anglers’ competition day had already been shortened by a fog delay that morning.

“It was a blessing to see three young men show such unselfish, Christian attitudes,” said Morris. “To be willing to give up 30 to 45 minutes of their tournament day was just outstanding. They had a long run back to the check-in, too.”

Following the weigh-in on Saturday, Roy gathered the Top 5 teams to prepare them for a change in format. On Sunday, the students would fish the MLF catch-weigh-and-immediate-release format. In addition to that, the high school teams wouldn’t learn the competition lake until early Sunday morning, similar to the format that the MLF pros compete under at MLF Cup events.

At 4:30 on Sunday morning, Roy gathered the Top 5 teams and informed the group of their destination: Cedar Creek Lake in Stanford, Kentucky.

“I asked the teams if any of them had experience on Cedar Creek, and only one of the five teams had ever been there before,” said Roy. “That is great because it was truly a ‘show up and fish’ experience just like in the MLF Cups.”

The convoy made their way 77 miles up to Cedar Creek and prepared for “lines in” at 8:15 EDT. Each team was assigned an “official” who was trained by Roy and equipped with two sets of MLF scales. Before lines in, the teams were given thirty minutes to ride around on the 950-acre lake. Then, the student anglers fished two 2.5 hour sessions, with a 30 minute break in between.

True to MLF form, the winner was decided in the final minutes of the competition. After all five officials had reported in, Baker and Morris were crowned the champions on the water. The Larue County team landed a 3-12 largemouth just before it was time for “lines out” to jump over the Louisa Bass Fishing Team of Jake Lycans and William Copley for the victory.

Both team members from the top two teams were offered four-year, $10,000 scholarships to attend Campbellsville University by head coach Pete Hedgepath. Kentucky Christian and Wabash Community College also offered four-year scholarships to teams in the Top 5. In all, the potential scholarships were close to $300,000.

Significant general scholarships for all teams were made possible by Covercraft, First Southern National Bank, The Cain Pole, A Few Good Men Fishing Tournament, D&L Tackle, City of Jamestown, Angler’s Outpost and Marine and Land Big Fish.

“This event will be memorable for many reasons; the turnout in a weird year, the quality of anglers in Kentucky high school fishing, and the opportunity to go to Cedar Creek for Sunday. The one aspect that stands out the most for me this year is the college scholarships. Winning these college scholarships is a life-changing event for these anglers. The investment these schools and sponsors made in providing scholarships for these top teams is a big deal. I am so excited to look back in a few years and see how it helped these student anglers,” said Roy.

Covercraft contributed to the scholarship fund and provided protective face coverings for all anglers, coaches, volunteers, and family members.

“2020 has been a strange year, but we are so thankful that these student anglers were able to experience this event and have the opportunity to go to college through their hard work on the water. We are proud to support high school fishing and this great event,” said Jeff Jegelewicz, Director of Marketing at Covercraft.

“We were thrilled to be able to host this event again and allow these students to compete.  We are proud of our lake here and how ‘large’ it fishes for tournaments of this magnitude. We’re also excited to announce the 9th Annual Bradley Roy High School Open presented by Covercraft will again be hosted here by the city of Jamestown, Kentucky, with the date to be determined,” said Nick Shearer, Russell County Chamber of Commerce, and the Mayor of Jamestown. 

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