Inside Access: Two MLF Pros Tie a Different Knot - Major League Fishing
Inside Access: Two MLF Pros Tie a Different Knot
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Inside Access: Two MLF Pros Tie a Different Knot

Image for Inside Access: Two MLF Pros Tie a Different Knot
Bradley Roy and his wife, Danielle. Photo: BNG Photography
November 9, 2018 • Aly Akers-Atkins • Angler News

At Major League Fishing, we’re all about the catch-and-release format. But sometimes when you catch a keeper, you can’t let her go.

As the MLF feature reporter, I’ve been busy researching the 80 anglers that will be fishing the MLF Bass Pro Tour in 2019 in addition to planning my dream wedding. Naturally, when I found out that two of our MLF pros got hitched last month, I had to call them up to get all the details.

Jordan and Kristen Lee were married on October 6 in Cullman, Alabama. A few weeks later, Bradley Roy married his wife, Danielle, on October 20 at his home church in Lancaster, Kentucky.

Lee says they kept it simple. Jordan and Kristen were surrounded by family, friends, anglers, and of course, their chocolate lab, Sage.

MLF pro Jordan Lee and his wife, Kristen.

“We thought it might be a good idea to try and get [Sage] to be the flower girl,” Lee said, “But she gets too high-strung when there’s a bunch of people. But, she was there of course. She’s like our baby right now.”

Jordan says Kristen took care of most of the details and made the often stressful process of wedding planning fairly easy for him.

“She was like, ‘Just show up and make sure you’re on time,’” Lee laughed.

Which he did. Lee says he was eagerly waiting for her at the end of the aisle.

“I got a little emotional when she started walking down the aisle. It was definitely the best part,” Lee said.

Bradley and Danielle Roy met through fishing.

“I knew her dad before I ever knew her,” Roy said.

Danielle’s dad coached a high school fishing team and he invited Bradley to speak to the young anglers. One thing led to another and he “reeled in his best catch ever”. At least that’s what he posted on his Facebook page after the proposal.

After the wedding, most couples drive off in a car. But the Roys had something else in mind.

“You’ve got to leave the wedding in some type of a vehicle, and everybody was like, ‘You’ve got to leave the wedding in your boat.’ So, we ended up leaving the wedding in my boat and that was pretty cool,” Roy said.

As Lee and Roy gear up for the MLF Bass Pro Tour, they’re hoping that they can bring their brides on the road with them.

“During the summer months, she will definitely travel if she’s not teaching,” Roy said.

“We have fun traveling and it’s always better when she can come along,” Lee said.

When young couples are planning their wedding, they often receive a lot of advice on how to have a long, happy marriage. When I asked Lee and Roy for the best marriage advice they’ve received, they gave me the same answer: “Never go to bed mad.”

“I’ve heard it a thousand times,” Roy said. “I don’t know why that one is so popular, but I guess it makes sense.”