Swindle Going Full Speed Ahead with "Break Down" - Major League Fishing
Swindle Going Full Speed Ahead with “Break Down”
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Swindle Going Full Speed Ahead with “Break Down”

Image for Swindle Going Full Speed Ahead with “Break Down”
Gerald Swindle teams with Mossy Oak for "Break Down." Photo courtesy Mossy Oak
July 30, 2019 • Joel Shangle • Angler News

Gerald Swindle is wasting no time letting moss grow under his feet as he waits for his next Major League Fishing competition.

Swindle, who finished 42nd in the final regular-season points standings in the inaugural Bass Pro Tour, will compete in the MLF Patriot Cup in September. Until then, it’ll be a steady schedule of busywork for the Alabama pro: construction projects around the farm, fishing with his nephew, and spending quality time on the water with a Mossy Oak video crew producing “Break Down,” a new show that premiered recently on the Mossy Oak GO streaming service.

“The idea of ‘Break Down’ is exactly what it sounds like: It’s basically me breaking down a body of water in a day,” Swindle said. “From the time I get to the ramp in the morning, to how I set up my graphs to the things I do in a practice day – my strategies and such. It’s meant to benefit people who want to learn a few things about how a guy like me finds and catches fish.”

Swindle and Mossy Oak shot the first episode during a practice day for the Bass Pro Tour Stage Six event at Table Rock Lake in Missouri, giving the Alabama pro an opportunity to expound on how to break down a fishery in the popular Ozarks Mountains region. As Bass Pro Tour viewers saw during that competition – in which Table Rock was 4 feet high – it gave Swindle an opportunity to expound on how to locate fish in high-water situations.

Those are the types of fishing situations that Swindle expects to explore in “Break Down.”

“We started with an Ozarks lake at Table Rock, and we’ll move on to a kayak trip down a small river, maybe doing some rural camping like how I grew up,” Swindle said. “It’s an open book right now, we could really break down any number of styles of fisheries.”

“Break Down” is part of a series of streaming shows slated for Mossy Oak GO that will feature Bass Pro Tour anglers.

“You’ll see shows with Ott DeFoe, Kevin VanDam, Jordan Lee, Matt Lee, all the guys, each with a different twist to it,” Swindle said. “I’m excited about this. I really like to see a company the size of Mossy Oak diving headfirst into fishing.”