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Powroznik Prepped for Success on MLF Bass Pro Tour

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January 4, 2019 • Dave Landahl • Bass Pro Tour

The Kissimmee Chain of Lakes in Florida is known for big bass, and plenty of them: a perfect fit for the “every-scorable-bass-counts” format of the 2019 Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour, according to new MLF pro Jacob Powroznik.

The Virginia-based pro admits that he’s amped to make his MLF debut on Toho. He’s a seasoned bed-fisherman who has had success competing on the legendary lakes of the Kissimmee Chain.

“I’ve usually done pretty good on Toho, but I’ve also had tournaments where I could’ve been a hero, but didn’t do crap in the standings,” Powroznik admitted. “I’d catch 50 bass in a day, but not enough of them were 8-pounders. That’s all changed now. I love that we all have the opportunity to actually show off how good a lake is. To be able to fish all day long from start to finish for big fish and be able to weigh all of them is awesome. A lake like Toho will shine.”

It’s a format that Powroznik believes will resonate with hard-core bass heads and inexperienced anglers alike.

“I really think the fans will enjoy watching this format,” he said. “It will allow more weekend anglers to see what we use to catch so many quality fish. Plus, we can now fish bodies of water that normally wouldn’t allow five-fish-limit events, or need special exemptions, like various slot-limit lakes.”

Banking on versatility

Powroznik thrives on his versatility: He’s just as comfortable with a spinning rod and 6-pound line as he is with a flipping stick, a tungsten weight, and braid. And he believes that versatility will play into his success with the MLF Bass Pro Tour’s shorter practice periods.

“I like the two-day practice time,” Powroznik said. “My ability to effectively use a variety of techniques will be very helpful. No more over-researching for me. I tended to do that in the past. Now, I’ll go out, see what the conditions are, and fish. If it’s bed fish on Toho or other places, I’ll give them a little time, but now I know I can go find other fish off the beds as well and win.

“Still, never doubt the impact of one 8-pounder in the standings, but anglers will be able to make up a lot of ground by catching more quality fish. This is going to be an interesting year.”

Preparing for a Toho 1-2 punch

Powroznik’s approach to Toho will vary, of course, but he has two lures he plans on feeding Florida hogs.

“One bait for sure I know I’ll have tied on is a J-Bug from V&M Baits,” he said. “It’s a great bait to throw at bed fish, and if the water is up, it’s great for flipping. Heck, I’ll throw the J-Bug at anything that comes in my path.

“Another bait that should be ideal for Toho or any shallow bite is a popping topwater. I use the Livingston Walk N Pop 77. It’s a terrific bait. Cruising bass will kill that thing at times, and it catches big bass, too. Those two lures should catch them under most shallow-water bass fishing conditions.”