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Featured Bait: Duel Hardcore Flashi’n Vibe Lipless Crankbait

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November 4, 2022 • MLF • Champions Club

Deadly in every section of the water column, the Duel Hardcore Flashi’n Vibe Lipless Crankbait provides exceptional action and sound to call predators in from a long way out. Featuring multiple BB’s internally, this lipless crankbait delivers a high-pitched sound that aids your bass in honing in on your bait and tracking it, even in murky or heavily stained water.

In addition to the boisterous sound, the Flashi’n Vibe produces extreme vibration to tickle the lateral lines of bass in your water systems and incite a feeding frenzy. The impressive sound and action are enough to fool most predators into attacking this lipless offering, and the brilliant color schemes will hook any bass needing a little more convincing.

The Duel Hardcore Flashi’n Vibe boasts a premium finish with proven fish-catching paint schemes that are complemented by industry-leading components throughout the bait. The front of the bait is adorned with highly visible 3D eyes, while the body is checkered with 3D scaling and enveloped in a mouthwatering paint job. It is finished with sticky sharp hooks and ready to test your livewell’s capacity right out of the box. Engineered with a perfect balance to create a seductive swimming action on the fall, the Duel Hardcore Flashi’n Vibe is the perfect way to locate fish and bring big weights to the scales.