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Featured Bait: Epic Baits Underspin

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November 4, 2022 • MLF • Champions Club

An ideal option for mimicking a variety of baitfish, the Epic Baits Underspin relies on quality, American-made components, to deliver epic performance. The front of the Underspin boasts a meticulously crafted head that features aggressive molding for a more lifelike and anatomically accurate profile. In addition to the molded gill rakers, fins, and mandibles, the head also supports 3D eyes as well as a dual wire weedguard that helps shed grass and other snagging vegetation.

Extending from the head, the Epic Baits Underspin sports a carefully angled arm that anchors the premium willow blade. This precise angle allows the Underspin to not only fish ledges more effectively, but also stand up when at rest on the bottom to keep your swimbait or other soft plastic trailers in the tempting foraging position.

The blade is affixed via an industry-leading swivel that ensures smooth and consistent rotation at any retrieve speed. The Epic Baits Underspin dives out of the box armed with a sticky sharp Gamakatsu hook that sports a 30-degree line tie to keep the rig in the perfect pulling position for more positive hooksets. Completed with a wire trailer keeper for easy and secure operation, the Epic Baits Underspin is sure to help anglers everywhere catch more than a limit.

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