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Featured Bait: Duel Hardcore Shad 75mm

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November 4, 2022 • MLF • Champions Club

A new and larger addition to the Shad family, the Duel Hardcore Shad 75mm is a bite-sized suspending bait capable of eliciting big strikes. An ideal choice for early and late season fishing when water temperatures are cooler, it delivers ultra-long casts, a tight wobbling action, and killer deflections thanks in a large part to its advanced magnetic weight transfer system. Its precisely shaped bill also allows it to dive quickly to the desired depth so you can reach the strike zone faster and stay in it longer.

The Hardcore Shad’s impressive performance features are complemented by Duel Hardcore’s extreme attention to detail in the aesthetic features of this bait. A durable transparent bill is poised at the front of crankbait, while the body boasts an anatomically correct baitfish profile enveloped in a radiant paint scheme that can stand up to serious abuse. To help you make the most of every fishing adventure, the Duel Hardcore Shad Crankbaits are made with the finest internal and external components available to more efficiently wrestle your lake’s monsters into your livewell.