Cup Events - Major League Fishing

Cup Event Info

The original Major League Fishing format, the MLF Cup events are shot-in-the-dark and produced for television on the Outdoor Channel. Thirty anglers will compete in each MLF Cup event, based on the points they accumulate during MLF Bass Pro Tour events. The Cup events are the Challenge Cup, Heritage Cup, Patriot Cup and Summit Cup.

Event Format

Days 1-3 = Elimination Rounds 1-3
10 different anglers will compete each day to catch the highest weight
The Top 6 anglers with the highest weight daily move on to Sudden Death

Day 4-5 = Sudden Death Rounds 1 & 2
Anglers race to a predetermined Target Weight
The first 4 anglers to hit the target weight daily move on to the Championship Round

Day 6 = Championship Round
Eight anglers compete to catch the highest weight
At the end of the day, the angler with the most weight wins the Cup event

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