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First 2020 FLW Tour Invites Sent

119 pros from the 2019 FLW Tour have received their invites for next season 
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July 3, 2019 • MLF • Fishing League Worldwide

Today, FLW sent out 119 invitations for the 2020 FLW Tour to the top performers from the 2019 FLW Tour.

These invitations are in alignment with the 2019 FLW Tour rules that were announced last summer that transitioned the Tour to a qualification system, as well as one amendment made to accommodate changes in the pro bass fishing industry. The amendment was announced to pros at the registration meeting for the season finale on Lake Champlain last week.

Per the 2019 rules:

The top 100 pros based on an average of points earned in the 2018 and 2019 FLW Tour seasons (2019 only for rookies) requalify for the 2020 season. If a pro finishes outside of the top 100 but has previously earned an FLW Tour Angler of the Year title or has previously won the FLW Cup (as a pro), he or she will be granted a one-year exemption. Pros who earn entry upon exemption must finish in the top 100 (based on points for the current season) to requalify or must qualify through the FLW Series. If a top 100 pro declines his or her bid into the 2020 FLW Tour, the next eligible pro will qualify. 

Due to the amount of turnover on Tour and changes in the industry prior to 2019, there was a high number of rookies on the Tour this season. Those rookies were evaluated for requalification based on only one season of competition. Taking that into consideration, FLW also evaluated all veteran pros based on their 2019 AOY points total alone. If it was higher than the points total applied in the rules above for the last pro into the top 100 (two-year average or one-year total for rookies), that pro also received an invitation to the 2020 Tour.

Therefore, the total number of pros receiving invites for 2020 from the 2019 FLW Tour is 119.

Additional invitations will go out later this season in accordance with the qualification rules established for the 2020 FLW Tour. The full set of rules for qualification is available here.

2020 FLW Tour qualifiers from the 2019 Tour

Jason Abram

Bradford Beavers

Matt Becker

Daryl Biron

Greg Bohannan

Terry Bolton

Christopher Brasher

Jimmy Brewer

Aaron Britt

Grae Buck

Miles Burghoff

Jon Canada

Todd Castledine

Joey Cifuentes

Sheldon Collings

Ramie Colson Jr.

Kyle Cortiana

John Cox

Alex Davis

Darrell Davis

Tommy Dickerson

Jeff Dobson

Bradley Dortch

Josh Douglas

Kurt Dove

David Dudley

Luke Dunkin

Dakota Ebare

Jon Englund

Charlie Evans

Austin Felix

Tim Frederick

Sam George

Matt Greenblatt

Chad Grigsby

Buddy Gross

Cody Hahner

Bradley Hallman

Dylan Hays

Billy Hines

Jamie Horton

Jimmy Houston

Miles Howe

John Hunter

Cody Kelley

Rob Kilby

Brad Knight

Brian Latimer

Jeremy Lawyer

Nick LeBrun

Wes Logan

Scott Martin

Lendell Martin Jr.

Michael Matthee

Billy McCaghren

Chris McCall

Johnny McCombs

Bill McDonald

Brandon McMillan

Jared McMillan

Jason Meninger

Kerry Milner

Kurt Mitchell

Tom Monsoor

Troy Morrow

Brandon Mosley

Jim Moynagh

Shawn Murphy

Cody Murray

Corey Neece

Ron Nelson

Dicky Newberry

James Niggemeyer

Larry Nixon

Jordan Osborne

Hensley Powell

Tom Redington

Matt Reed

Clark Reehm

Jimmy Reese

Jason Reyes

Curtis Richardson

Darrel Robertson

Zell Rowland

Ryan Salzman

Casey Scanlon

Bryan Schmitt

Colby Schrumpf

Braxton Setzer

Charles Sim

AJ Slegona

Capt. Blake Smith

Derrick Snavely

Matthew Stefan

Tyler Stewart

Wade Strelic

Mike Surman

Timmy Thompkins

Bryan Thrift

J Todd Tucker

Jim Tutt

Andrew Upshaw

John Voyles

Jacob Wall

Chad Warren

Joshua Weaver

Joseph Webster

Kyle Weisenburger

Chris Whitson

Andy Wicker

Scott Wiley

Joel Willert

David Williams

Austin Wilson

Barry Wilson

Matt Wittekiend

Tyler Woolcott

David Wootton

Andy Young