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Warren still on top of a tight race at Grand Lake

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Chad Warren leads a stout Top 25 into the weekend on Grand Lake. Photo by Matt Brown. Angler: Chad Warren.
March 17, 2023 • Erik Gaffron • Toyota Series

GROVE, Okla. – Once again Grand Lake proved to be a challenge for the full field on Day 2 at the Toyota Series Presented by Phoenix Boats Plains Division event. And, yet again, Chad Warren sits atop the heap with a total of 40 pounds, 12 ounces after dropping 17-4 on the scales today. He holds a 1-pound, 5-ounce lead over the nearest pursuer, Cole Breeden. Brad Jelinek, Blake Capps and Billy Lemon all find themselves within striking distance headed into Championship Saturday after posting solid Day 2 limits to stay in the top five.

“I didn’t have a keeper at like 11, then I finally caught a pretty good one,” Warren said. “I had a couple of fish eat the tail of my bait, a couple of them came unhooked, and a couple of them jumped and tossed it. It could have been a stellar day. It could have been awesome, but it ended up about average, or a little better than average, I guess.”

Warren’s day was slow going due to the frigid morning temps. But, once he got the first fish in the boat, he was able to put together a decent bag and stay on top heading into Saturday. Despite holding on and improving his lead, Warren feels like he left fish behind on Day 2. 

“I didn’t think they changed all that much, to be honest,” he said. “I mean, they were cold just like we were, moving a little slow. It’s been like that here for a couple of weeks. It’s hard to catch them early in the morning, and if you do, it’s kind of a bonus. At about 10 or 11 o’clock they start to eat. Seems the longer the day, the longer you get to fish, the better it gets.”

Chad Warren has years of success on Grand Lake, but he hasn’t sealed the deal in an MLF event yet.

With the weather predicted to start out frigid tomorrow, Warren feels like there’s a chance things do get better for some, and tougher for others, as the 25-angler field takes to the water on Championship Saturday.

“It might be tough tomorrow, it might not be too much different either,” he said, “But you know what they say, two days after the front it seems like the worst they bite. I think if the wind lets up that is going to make it easier for guys that are LiveScoping.”

Warren mentioned fighting through more adversity in more ways than just the weather this week at Grand. After getting help from home for a brief engine issue, Warren feels he owes it to those who supported him this week.

“I found out I had a cylinder that was low on compression last week,” Warren said. “Bill’s Marine ordered a powerhead for me. It came in Friday, and I was already up here fishing. So, I came home Monday, and they knocked it out Monday during the day. I was able to come back here and practice Tuesday.”

After getting through so much so far this week, Warren isn’t letting the pressure of competing for the title get to him.

“I feel fine,” he said. “It’s just another day of fishing and hopefully things go my way. If they don’t, I’ll probably only have 15 or 16 pounds. If they do, I’ll catch another bag like the first day. The guys who are catching them are going to catch them again. There are three, four, or maybe even five guys that have a chance to win tomorrow.”  

Top 10 pros

1. Chad Warren – 40 – 12 (10)

2. Cole Breeden – 39 – 7 (10)           

3. Brad Jelinek – 38 – 4 (10) 

4. Blake Capps – 36 – 14 (10) 

5. Billy Lemon – 34 – 7 (10)  

6. Michael Harlin – 33 – 15 (10)         

7. Mike McClelland – 33 – 8 (10)      

8. Kevin Miller – 31 – 8 (8)    

9. Preston Cook – 27 – 4 (9) 

10. Austin Culbertson – 26 – 14 (7)    

Complete results

Jeff Moss has edged ahead on the brutally tough co-angler side.

Moss takes Strike King co-angler lead into Championship Saturday

Jeff Moss clawed his way into the lead on Day 2 at Grand Lake as things continued to be tough for the field of Strike King co-anglers. The Oronogo, Missouri, angler brought in three fish for 5-15 on the day, 16-8 total, pushing him into the lead with a day left of competition. David Matual sits just 13 ounces back of the lead and Day 1 leader Travis Snyder held onto third place despite blanking on Day 2.