Jared Lintner lays out why the Jackall TN 70 is his go-to bait when fishing for bites. Photo by Phoenix Moore

During Elimination Round 2 of the 2020 Summit Cup at Lake of the Ozarks, Jared Linter dominated the round with 33 bass for 58 pounds. The vast majority of those fish he caught on that fall day in the Ozarks were on a Jackall TN 70 lipless crankbait.

The California pro says he never leaves home without this bait. Here are five reasons why it’s one of Lintner’s favorite baits:

1.  High-Pitched Sound

The rattle in a crankbait is one of the attributes that bass find most appealing according to Lintner. That’s why this crankbait brings a little different sound to the table to separate it from the rest.

“The sound this makes in the water is really unique,” Lintner said. “It’s got a really high-pitched rattle, not just a dull sound. I can hear it from my boat when it’s in the water as I’m reeling it in. It really draws the fish in from the grass or wherever they’re hiding.”

2. Tungsten Lip

The TN 70 features a Tungsten Mouth System on the lip that allows the lure to stand vertically nose-down when it hits the bottom. That tungsten weight is something that Lintner loves about this crankbait for multiple reasons.

“That lip allows the bait to fall really well in the water,” Lintner explained. “When I stop reeling it in, it doesn’t just lay on its side, it falls down nose first so it looks like it’s swimming. That definitely helps me get bit.”

3. Great at Different Depths

Whether he’s fishing the back of a creek on the Lake of the Ozarks, on the California Delta, or at home near Clear Lake fishing deep, Lintner has confidence that the TN 70 can always perform no matter the depth.

“I can catch fish in 2 feet of water or as deep as 30 feet with this bait,” Lintner said. “I kind of work it like a spoon in deeper water which helps a lot. No matter where I go, I always have it in the boat. I have it ready to go for MLF Cup events because we never know where we’re fishing, but I know that a TN 70 can always get me bit.”

4. The Perfect Search Bait

Like Lintner just said, anywhere is possible during MLF Cup events. That’s why it’s important to him to have a reliable search bait to locate fish quickly and efficiently. The TN 70 checks off both of those boxes.

“A lot of guys like to use a spinnerbait as their search bait, I prefer the Jackall TN 70,” Lintner stated. “It’s more than just a ‘throw it out and wind it in’ bait. There are so many different ways to utilize it whether it’s on the retrieve or modifying the bait itself to adjust the action. It really helps me find the fish quickly.”

5. Varied Retrieve

Speaking of altering the retrieve, this is one of the characteristics that is most important to Lintner. Not only can he use the TN 70 at multiple depths, but by varying his retrieve, it allows him to use the bait during different times of the year as well.

“It works great if you just want to wind it in, don’t get me wrong,” Lintner said. “But you can get so much more out of this bait based on your retrieve. This isn’t just a prespawn bait. You can ‘yo-yo’ it, that’s when I let it hit the bottom then yank it back up. I like to burn it with an 8:1 reel in the summer because those fish want to chase something when the water gets warmer and they are feeding. I also like to slow crank it around docks where the rattles barely make a sound. There’s so many different ways to use it.”