Ask the Anglers: Five Tips for Wintertime Cranking - Major League Fishing
Ask the Anglers: Five Tips for Wintertime Cranking
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Ask the Anglers: Five Tips for Wintertime Cranking

February 6, 2021 • Major League Lessons
  1. Never put the crankbait down. Brent Ehrler explains that if you cast continuously all day, without picking something else up, you can get a reaction strike out of sluggish bass.
  2. While crankbaits have a wide variety of actions, Berkley pro Gary Klein recommends finding a crankbait with a tighter wobble.
  3. Try a lipless crankbait. Adrian Avena says the erratic action can drum up a reaction strike.
  4. Justin Lucas says he always has a variety of crankbaits on the deck of his boat for picky fish, since bass can be very finicky in the winter months.
  5. Cliff Pace will throw a flat-sided crankbait all year long. But in the winter, he says you should go with a lighter line in order to fish the bait at a deeper depth.