Ask the Anglers: What's Your Go-To Wintertime Bait? - Major League Fishing
Ask the Anglers: What’s Your Go-To Wintertime Bait?
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Ask the Anglers: What’s Your Go-To Wintertime Bait?

January 30, 2021 • Major League Lessons

Which bait works best when the temperatures drop? In this Ask the Anglers, some of our pros share their go-to bait for wintertime bites.

David Dudley reaches for a Perfection Lures Shaky Head when the water temperatures plunge.

Cliff Pace prefers a flat-sided crankbait, like the Blake Label Slim. He says to use light line, make long casts and slow down your retrieve to get bit.

Chris Lane is also a fan of using a crankbait during cooler months. His go-to is the BD Crankbait.

Stephen Browning and Jason Lambert both named a jerkbait as their go-to wintertime bait because of its ability to target suspended bass and imitate shad.