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Featured Bait: 6th Sense Divine Swimbait

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January 3, 2022 • MLF • Champions Club

Designed to deliver the perfect action while retaining its strength fish after fish, 6th Sense Divine Swimbaits provide incredible performance and won’t tear up as easily as other swimbaits on the market. Featuring a baitfish body shape with an ultra-thin paddle tail, 6th Sense Divine Swimbaits generate a rapid tail kicking action on any application and at any retrieve speed. The tough plastic formula also provides enhanced durability so that you can catch more fish per bait without sacrificing any fish catching action. 

Absolutely deadly when the fish are keyed-in on shad, 6th Sense Divine Swimbaits can be used very effectively on jig heads, swim jigs, screw-lock swimbait hooks and even umbrella rigs. Packaged in a clamshell to ensure the tails remain perfectly straight, 6th Sense Divine Swimbaits are sure to become your new go-to swimbait.