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Featured Bait: Duckett Baits Trap Lipless Crankbait

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February 1, 2022 • MLF • Champions Club

When considering producing a lipless crankbait, Boyd didn’t feel the need to go any further than the timeless shape and action of the Bill Lewis Rattle Trap. The Duckett Baits Trap Lipless Crankbait was designed in partnership with Boyd Duckett and Bill Lewis to create a new and completely unique sound. Utilizing a signature acoustic developed in the lower frequency range, this crankbait calls fish in from long distances by triggering their lateral lines to produce hyper-aggressive reaction strikes.

Featuring larger, more realistic 3D eyes, naturalized gill plates, and slick flat sides, the DB Trap generates maximum flash and attraction as it vibrates through the water column. Equipped with premium components throughout, these crankbaits are ready for action with tournament-grade split rings and razor-sharp Kitana treble hooks. Finished in a variety of fish-catching colors, the Duckett Baits Trap Lipless Crankbaits have you covered for any situation you encounter on the water.

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