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Featured Bait: Duel Hardcore Crankbait 4+

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July 28, 2022 • MLF • Champions Club

The ideal tool for covering miles of water quickly and with deadly efficiency, the Duel Hardcore Crankbait 4+ satisfies the needs of crankbait enthusiasts with brilliant color schemes and unbeatable action. Featuring their new patented tungsten magnetic weight transfer system, you will experience an up to 30% distance increase on your casts for more reachable water than ever.

This new magnetic weight transfer system combines the best of both, a weight transfer system that enables anglers to make very long casts with precision, as well as a fixed weight that allows a quicker response and an exceptionally stable swimming action. When casting, the weight snaps to the tail of the bait and darts your crankbait far and fast to prevent tumbling, even in strong headwinds. Once the bait enters the water, the weight is pulled forward by the magnet for instant and aggressive wobbling and rolling action.

Complementing this exceptional action is an outstanding aesthetic appeal. A bigger, and deeper diving cousin of the 3+, the Duel Hardcore Crankbait 4+ is available in a range of proven colors that showcase a combination of brilliant translucent, painted, and metallic finishes. In addition to the highly detailed paint scheme, they feature 3D eyes and scale patterns to fool even the wariest predator into falling for the crankbait’s seductive attributes. Completing this high-performance package is a durable bill that provides high pitch action and strike-inducing deflections. Experience the technological advantages of the Duel Hardcore Crankbait 4+ and gain an edge on the fish – and your competition.