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Featured Bait: Googan Baits Nuke Punch

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April 27, 2022 • MLF • Champions Club

The Googan Baits Nuke Punch  was designed to make light-work of attacking bass fishing’s heaviest of cover. We worked off the #1 selling soft plastic Bandito Bug and incorporated our patented flanged-tail, while also beefing up the mid-section to stay pegged better while flipping the thickest of mats. We also increased our ribbed texture to move as much water as possible… lateral lines = triggered. This patented design will go where other baits simply can’t to entice strikes and put fish in the boat. While in motion the Googan Baits Nuke Punch resembles a swimming craw or brim, and our infused ”Slaunch Sauce” scent smells so good that more than the bass will be wanting to take a bite. When it comes to fishing matted grass efficiently look no further than the Googan Baits Nuke Punch.

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