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Featured Bait: Greenfish Tackle Hammerhead Buzz

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March 19, 2021 • MLF • Champions Club

For anglers who are looking the drop the hammer on hungry bass, the Greenfish Tackle Hammerhead Buzz is the premier choice. Modeled after a previously discontinued buzzbait, the Greenfish Hammerhead Buzz is built with a premium buzz blade and a specialized head shape, which create a unique “hammering” acoustic with each rotation. 
Forcing bass to strike out of sheer agitation, the Greenfish Hammerhead Buzz is formed around a heavy-duty wire and backed by a razor-sharp 5/0 Mustad Hook. Fitted with a flowing silicone skirt for added attraction, the Greenfish Hammerhead Buzz is sure to become your go-to buzzbait for topwater action.

How to Rig

A medium-heavy or heavy baitcasting rod works best for throwing buzzbaits. Some pros throw them on their frog rods, but a typical jig rod would work, too. Go heavier when around grass or other cover where a hooked bass could bind you up. Choose a rod in the neighborhood of 7 feet to 7 feet, 3 inches. Go shorter for skipping docks or when accuracy is critical, and longer for making far casts.

Braided fishing line is best in most scenarios because it’s very strong and doesn’t stretch. Use 50- to 65-pound test. Fluorocarbon ranging from about 15- to 20-pound test works too.

Opt for a high-speed reel with at least a 7:1 retrieve ratio, though 8:1 might be better. The faster the retrieve speed, the easier it is to get the buzzbait’s blade turning, and the faster you can wind it in between casts.

How to Fish

Fishing a buzzbait is simple. Cast it out, and as soon as it lands, start a fast retrieve to get the blade turning. The sooner you can activate the blade, the sooner you can begin an effective presentation.

Once the buzzbait is gurgling on the surface, you can slow the retrieve to a steady tempo and keep it there or burn the bait with a high-speed retrieve. Mixing in speed changes, direction changes or contact with cover can trigger fish to bite.

Be prepared because bass are notorious for swiping at a buzzbait rather than engulfing the entire lure. A trailer hook will help catch more fish, and you’ll also hook up more often if you hesitate for a half-second after the bite to make sure the fish has the bait before setting the hook.

Featured Pro: Britt Myers

South Carolina pro Britt Myers joined the MLF Bass Pro Tour after competing on both the Bassmaster Elite Series and FLW Tour. 

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