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Featured Bait: Mustad Underspin Shad

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October 5, 2021 • MLF • Champions Club

Add some flash to your presentation to attract more fish and generate more bites with the Mustad Underspin Shad. Utilizing Mustad’s popular shad darter head design, the Mustad Underspin Shad is equipped with a precisely placed willow blade attached by a premium ball bearing swivel, which creates an alluring flash to maximize your swimbaits action by adding an extra element of attraction that draws fish from a greater distance. The Mustad Underspin Shad is also covered in a highly detailed finish that includes a custom paint job, molded face details, and Mustad’s signature “mean eye” design. 

Each Underspin Shad features a super slick black nickel finish and Mustad’s Opti Angle Needle Point hook points for lightning-fast penetration on hooksets and longer-lasting performance as well. Complete with a double barbed keeper that holds soft plastics firmly in place, the Mustad Underspin Shad delivers tour-grade performance that anglers can rely on to put extra fish in the boat.