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Featured Bait: Yamamoto 5″ Senko

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April 5, 2022 • MLF • Champions Club

If there’s been one lure that has changed the face of fishing over the years, it’s the Yamamoto Senko. It has a wide range of uses and subtle natural action, the Yamamoto Senko has quickly become a favorite for anglers all over the world. The beauty of the Senko is in its simplicity. The Yamamoto Senko may just look like a thick round plastic worm, but the fall rate created by a large amount of salt impregnated in the body drives fish mad. When rigged weightless, the Yamamoto Senko falls horizontally with a seductive side-to-side tail action. Try wacky rigging or Texas rigging the Yamamoto Senko and experience the versatility and effectiveness it provides.