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2013 Summit Cup Chautauqua Lake Zone Information

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December 22, 2012 • Lynn Burkhead • Cup Events

All Zones

  • Approximately 17 miles long
  • 2 miles wide at its greatest width
  • Surface area is approximately 13,000 acres
  • Maximum depth is about 78 feet
  • Shoreline is about 41.1 miles
  • All but 2.6 mi are privately owned

Zone 1 (Elimination Day 2, Day 2 of the event)

  • Zone 1 is located at the north end of Chautauqua Lake and offers some of the finest shallow and deep water fishing on the Lake. From the lily pads next the Village Mayville’s Public launch to the deeper holes off Lighthouse Point, both smallmouth and largemouth are plentiful in Zone 1.

Zone 2 (Championship, Day 6 of the event)

  • Zone 2 is the premier bass area on Chautauqua Lake. Like zone 1, Zone 2 offers both shallow and deep water, with the deepest area of the lake off Lower Dewittville Bay. Some the finest lake front property is in Zone 2. For bass anglers, that means some great dock fishing action.

Zone 3 (Sudden Death Day 2, Day 5 of the event )

  • Zone 3 consists of the deep water at Long Point State Park to the southern tip of Chautauqua Institution shoreline. From offshore weed beds on Warner’s Bar, to the shallow water lily pads west of State Launch at Prendergast, to the well defined deep water weed edges in front of Camp Chautauqua, Zone 3 promises to be a favorite for anglers.

Zone 4 (Sudden Death Day 1, Day 4 of the event )

  • In Zone 4, anglers will find 9.7 miles of bass infested shoreline. The diverse habitat that is found in zone 4 is more noticeable between the Chautauqua Lake Veterans Memorial Bridge and rocky bar at Cheney’s Point.

Zone 5 (Elimination Day 3, Day 3 of the event)

  • In Zone 5, anglers will have their first opportunity to fish several of the feeder creeks of Chautauqua Lake. From Smith Boy’s Marina and Ashville Bay Marina, anglers will have the chance to hit some of the best docks on the lake.

Zone 6 (Elimination Day 1, First day of the event)

  • Anglers that draw Zone 6 will have their opportunity to fish the Outlet, which is truly a step back in time. This zone offers a great mixture of shallow water structure, including lily pads, weed edges and the deeper water holds several of the sunken steam ships that ran Chautauqua Lake in the early 1900s.