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Top 10 OTW Photos from the Cup

The pros in action from Lake Ouachita
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September 7, 2015 • FLW Staff • Archives

The Forrest Wood Cup on Lake Ouachita was a prime chance to capture some great moments on the water. Not only was the competition fierce, but Ouachita is naturally gorgeous and the weather and anglers mixed it up every day. With a full team of reporters and photographers on the water, we got the goods. The following 10 photos are some of the best from the week on the water.


Can you see that sly smile behind the Coke can?

“Eyyyy geh da neh!” This bass hit Brad Knight’s lure mid-sip and freelance writer Sean Ostruszka was ready for it. 


Stetson Blaylock hooks up with a good one.

Freelance photographer Garrick Dixon got local favorite Stetson Blaylock putting the hammer down on a keeper early on day one. 


Fish on!

Senior Editor Kyle Wood captured Mark Daniels Jr. working hard to keep his light line from breaking off in the brush.


Strrreeeeeetch. Ramie goes long for that keeper.

Jeff the cameraman got a good angle of Ramie Colson Jr. bringing in a bass that would vault him into the lead on day two. Freelance writer Rob Newell had a pretty good angle as well. 


Brandon Cobb made a big splash at his first Forrest Wood Cup. Wood was there with the camera on his action-packed final day.


Catch bass, get a shower - Lake Ouachita provides on many levels.

Rain or shine, Ramie Colson Jr. wasn’t letting anything stop him on the final day of the Cup. Editor-in-Chief Colin Moore didn't let the weather stop him either. 


Brad Knight wrangles in an acrobatic bass.

Knight’s magic tree produced fish every day of the tournament. Located in a small creek bed, bass would continually replenish on the spot. Ostruszka hung with the eventual winner the whole time and got some awesome shots. 


The action when fish were actively schooling could be fast and furious. Jacob Wheeler landed this one as another jumped beside the boat, giving Dixon a shot at a rare double feature. 


Ugh, a sick shot of a great bass for Ish Monroe.

Ostruszka also documented Ish Monroe's hard charge on day one. Unfortunately, he fell off fast on subsequent days. 


Splish, splash, Andy Morgan was landing a bass.

Splish splash, Andy Morgan is catching a bass. Wood didn't quite replicate his extremely artistic shot of Morgan at last year's Forrest Wood Cup, but he came pretty darn close.