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Inside Bass Fishing Magazine’s June-July Issue

Everything from tournament news to in-depth technique articles are on tap
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June 18, 2020 • MLF • Archives

With fishing tournaments back in full swing and the summer bite starting to heat up, now’s a good time to pick up a copy of Bass Fishing magazine for tips, tricks, gear reviews and all the bass fishing content our readers have come to expect from within its pages.

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Here’s a summary of what’s inside the latest issue from June/July:



– Full Power Power-Fishing – MLF Bass Pro Tour pros Zack Birge and Ish Monroe give their thoughts on the potential of succeeding in the bass fishing world without ever having to fish finesse. If you have a penchant for power-fishing, this one’s for you.

– Mining Deep Current for Priceless Bronze – It’s not always easy to fish, but sometimes fast-moving water presents the best opportunities for catching big bags of big brown bass. From techniques and tactics to baits and best practices, Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit pro Scott Dobson and Canadian hammer Dave Chong spill the beans about how to mine that deep current for giant bronzebacks. 

– How Fish Learn – Former fisheries biologist TJ Maglio continues to pen highly informative articles about fish behavior to help you better understand where bass are and how to catch them. Learned behavior in pressured fish might just be the key.

– Pro Fishing Hindsight – The road to a professional bass fishing career can be long and arduous, with plenty of lessons to learn along the way. MLF Bass Pro Tour pros Jason Christie, Kelly Jordon, Jared Lintner and Justin Atkins along with Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit pros Miles Burghoff, Ron Nelson and Greg Bohannan give us an inside look at what they’ve learned and how they’ve learned it – a little later than they would have liked.

– Unlocking the Old Ball and Chain – The Carolina rig has been around a long time, but it’s just recently seen a resurgence in the professional bass fishing world, spearheaded by the likes of Pro Circuit pro Darold Gleason. Luckily, Lloyd Pickett Jr. has been dragging around the old ball and chain his entire career, and the pair delve deep into the secrets that could once again make the Carolina rig a tournament-winning staple.



– Newell’s Notes – John Cox is one of bass fishing’s biggest stars. The way he’s earned that title is just as impressive as all the wins he’s piled up and all the money he’s earned. To understand how and why Cox is who he is, Rob Newell takes a peek behind the curtain at the shallow-water power-fishing obsession of the angler known as “Tin Man.”

– Balog on Bass Fishing – Despite the inherent difficulty of making the Phoenix Bass Fishing League presented by T-H Marine All-American, some anglers such as Lloyd Pickett Jr., David Wright, Robert Walser, Roger Fitzpatrick and Dennis Berhorst seem to have it all figured out. They explain how they’ve made a career of qualifying for perhaps the toughest championship event to conquer.

– Conservation – TJ Maglio double-dips into the realm of finding fish. In his Conservation column, Maglio details how to find and catch bass based on the forage they target.

– Tactical Bassin – When the sun comes up and the summer heat sets in, many anglers head back to the ramp. Tactical Bassin’s Tim Little and Matt Allen explain why that may be a bad idea. Finding fish in the midday heat is as easy as just knowing where to look.


And More …

– There’s more than one way to fish a frog. Editor-in-Chief Curtis Niedermier picks the brain of MLF BPT pro Jacob Wheeler about how, when and where to fish a frog.

– The wake bait doesn’t get much love on Northern smallmouth fisheries, but it really should – at least according to Pro Circuit pro Matt Stefan.

– Q&A: Dustin Connell explains how he was able to find success in the professional fishing world so early in life.

– Everything you need to know about crankbait design from master maker Cliff Pace.

– Product Review: Abu Garcia Revo Beast X.

– Winning tactics from all of MLF’s and FLW’s most recent events.

– A look at cool new gadgets, gear and tackle for your summer fishing trips.

– The Last Cast: Pro anglers are pretty great at catching fish, but everyone makes some mistakes. Top pros share a few of their more entertaining blunders.