Team Toyota pro Terry Scroggins says that the Kissimmee Chain is the perfect venue for such a unique event. photo by Phoenix Moore

There are lots of reasons to be excited for Toyota Heavy Hitters Presented by Venmo, which kicks off Sunday morning, June 7 on Florida’s Kissimmee Chain. Fishing fans’ appetite for live competition will be satiated as coverage starts streaming at 6:45 a.m. EST Sunday, and extraordinary big bass bonuses allotted for each round provide a new wrinkle of excitement for fans and anglers alike.

Team Toyota pro and Florida local Terry “Big Show” Scroggins is eager to fish a rare June professional-level event in the Sunshine State, but his enthusiasm is amplified by the unprecedented format of Heavy Hitters (including the $200,000 of big-fish payouts that come along with it).

“Those kind of big-fish payouts are completely unheard of in our sport,” Scroggins said. “Having the opportunity to make one flip or one cast in each round and earn $25-, $50-, or even $100,000 is incredible! It changes the game for sure.”

Overall, Heavy Hitters will look and feel like a normal Bass Pro Tour event. All 80 anglers will compete; the payouts are congruent to a regular Bass Pro Tour stop, and the Qualifying, Knockout, and Championship Rounds will be executed the same. The major difference lies in the Big Bass Bonuses.

Whoever catches the biggest bass in Group A after Days 1 and 3 of competition will be awarded $25,000, and the same goes for Group B after days 2 and 4. Only 38 anglers will fish the Knockout Round (day 5), but they’ll all have a chance at a $50,000 prize for the big bass of the day honors. Finally, the Championship Round will see $100,000 paid out to whoever inputs the biggest bass of the day to the SCORETRACKER®.

This is all on top of traditional Bass Pro Tour event payouts.

All told, $200,000 in big bass bonuses will be distributed to four anglers throughout the event. Watching Bass Pro Tour events live is always an exciting, nail-biting experience but knowing any cast may result in a huge payday for your favorite fisherman will take things to a new level.  

Scroggins is confident the Kissimmee Chain will show out even though June tournament dates in Florida aren’t something the field is used to, and is adamant that this is the perfect fishery for the Heavy Hitters format.

“The Kissimmee Chain is an incredible fishery and is perfect when both numbers of fish and big fish are sought after,” Scroggins said. “You’re going to have to catch a lot of scorable bass to advance to the Knockout Round and ultimately the Championship Round, but the good thing about Kissimmee is you’re bound to catch a big ‘un if you’re going through lots of fish.

“The two aren’t really exclusive on this fishery. I would be surprised if it didn’t take a 7- to 10-pound fish to win the big bass bonus each day. It’ll be an awesome event.”