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2016 BFL All-American Qualifiers

All-American set for June 8-11, 2016 at Barkley
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November 17, 2015 • MLF • Archives

With the completion of the Walmart Bass Fishing League Wild Card at Lake Hartwell – won by Mike Devere – all but The Bass Federation National Championship qualifiers are in place for the 2016 BFL All-American June 8-11 on Lake Barkley presented by the Cadiz-Trigg County Tourism Commission.

In June, the 84 anglers listed below will join the top seven boaters and co-anglers from the TBF National Championship to compete in the 2016 event, the latest in what is one of the longest-running and most prestigious championships in bass fishing.



Potomac River Regional – Region 1

Grae Buck – Northeast Division

John Vanore – Northeast Division

Frank Ippoliti – Northeast Division

Kyle Weisenburger – Buckeye Division

Jamie Hartman – Northeast Division

Bruce Neal – Michigan Division


Lake Sinclair Regional – Region 2

John Duvall – South Carolina Division

Tony Couch – Bama Division

Raymond Trudeau – Gator Division

Kip Carter – Bama Division

Kyle Welcher – Bama Division

Clabion Johns – Music City Division


Kentucky Lake Regional – Region 3

Brent Anderson – Mountain Division

Jim Vitaro – Hoosier Division 

Ken Garbe – Hoosier Division

Jeremy Lawyer – Ozark Division

Mark Tucker – Ozark Division

Travis Brueggen – Great Lakes Division


Lake Wateree Regional – Region 4

Todd Walters – North Carolina Division

Russell Corry – North Carolina Division

Tim Smiley – Volunteer Division

Dearal Rodgers – Savannah River Division

Klaus Hadschin – North Carolina Division

Donald Hinson – Donald Hinson


Lake of the Ozarks Regional – Region 5

Shonn Goodwin – Okie Division

Roger Fitzpatrick – Okie Division

Leroy McDuffie – Illini Division

Derek Jenkel – Illini Division

Chris McCall – Cowboy Division

Andre Dickneite – Illini Division


Lake Neely Henry Regional – Region 6

Mark McCaig – Choo Choo Division

Daniel Langton – LBL Division

Drew Boggs – LBL Division

Landon Lomax – Choo Choo Division

Ronny Webb – LBL Division

Kyle Dorsett – Choo Choo Division


Lake Hartwell – Wild Card

Mike Devere – Mountain Division

Jim Eakin – LBL Division

Scott Towry – Choo Choo Division

Mike Morris – Bulldog Division

Thomas Helton – Choo Choo Division

Chris Darby – Arkie Division



Potomac River Regional – Region 1

John Duarte – Northeast Division

Philip Borsa – Michigan Division

Marvin Reese – Piedmont Division

Ryan Sykes – Buckeye Division

Leo Reiter – Michigan Division

Robert Jordan – Buckeye Division


Lake Sinclair Regional – Region 2

Randy Smith – Bama Division

Radney Atchison – Bama Division

Ronald Harrell – South Carolina Division

Ernest Stephens – South Carolina Division

Gerald Williams – Music City Division

John Wilkerson – Music City Division


Kentucky Lake Regional – Region 3

Ryan Sykes – Hoosier Division (also qualified via the Potomac River Regional)

Lucas Devere – Mountain Division

Billy Gardner – Mountain Division

Travis Smith – Mountain Division

Ronald Smith Jr. – Ozark Division

Brody Campbell – Hoosier Division

Bill Haunert – Mountain Division


Lake Wateree Regional – Region 4

William Hearn – North Carolina Division

John Farmer – North Carolina Division

Jeff Rikard – North Carolina Division

Hunter Altice – Shenandoah Division

Doug File – North Carolina Division

Tim Whitaker – Savannah River Division


Lake of the Ozarks Regional – Region 5

Bryan Barnard – Arkie Division

Jamie Eynard – Okie Division

Matt Duvall – Arkie Division

Steven Dowty – Okie Division

Cody Glaze – Arkie Division

Randy Pewthers – Cowboy Division


Lake Neely Henry Regional – Region 6

Wayne Kilgore – Choo Choo Division

Steve Hall – Bulldog Division

Mike Allen – Mississippi Division

Ray Arning Jr. – LBL Division

Charles Knowles – Mississippi Division

Charles Hardin – LBL Division


Lake Hartwell – Wild Card

Wesley Smith – Choo Choo Division

Matt Webb – Bama Division

William Dorr – North Carolina Division

March Glenn – Bulldog Division

Charles Hatherill – Gator Division

Rex McTier – Great Lakes