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Featured Bait: Castaic Jerky J (8-pack)

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June 29, 2021 • MLF • Champions Club

Featuring a soft yet durable plastic construction, the Castaic Jerky J swoops and glides beautifully with or without any weight added. Its thick mid-section, protruding dorsal fin and thin straight tail cause it to veer wildly from side to side when twitched, and each bait is hand-painted for maximum realism. Fish it on light line, and let the line go slack on the pause between twitches. That’s when most of the strikes occur. Also, experiment with different retrieves. Available in some great fish-catching colors, the Castaic Jerky J soft jerkbaits deliver the action and fish attraction that big bass can’t resist.

How to Rig and Fish

While the Jerky J was made famous through ledge fishing on a scrounger-style swimbait jig head, it originally exploded onto the bass fishing scene as a vibrating jig trailer. Its unique design makes for an ideal selection for a wide variety of techniques, such as a trailer for a swim jig, vibrating jig, or buzzbait, in addition to utilizing it as a “fluke-style” bait or on a drop-shot. When it comes to fishing it on a scrounger head, the Kitana Stagger Head is the perfect choice to pair with the Jerky J. The ideal rod and reel selection will depend on the application. Check out all the resources available on the “Tips & Techniques” section of the Champions Club page to deep dive into whichever technique you choose to utilize with the Jerky J.

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Featured Pro: Jason Lambert

Jason Lambert has seven wins, 21 Top 10s and over $800,000 in winnings to his credit.