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Living Classrooms kids find fish on Potomac

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Top-five honors in the Living Classroom event on the Potomac went to the following (from right to left): 5th place, Tyler Bowens & Katie Stombres; 4th place, Haley May; 3rd place, Jason Cho; 2nd place, Kyle Hoeth; and 1st place, Jayliah Sanders.
June 3, 2011 • MLF • Archives

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – Today Living Classrooms of the National Capital Region shared the stage with the Walmart FLW Tour pros when participants from the fourth annual Nations’s River Bass Tournament showed up to show off their catches.

Jayliah Sanders crossed the stage with a 6-pound bass she caught while fishing with volunteer Capt. Clint Miller. On her first bass-fishing expedition, Jayliah brought in a lunker that even the pros would be envious of. She beat the biggest fish that was brought in on day one of the FLW Tour by 6 ounces. Takahiro Omori of Emery Texas brought in yesterday’s big bass that weighed 5-10.

Eleven elementary aged students went out with volunteer captains and were given the opportunity to experience what it feels like to fish in a professional bass tournament. They shared their experiences on the water as they crossed the stage, many for the first time, on Friday with their big catches. Tales Jayliah Sanders proudly shows off her 6-pound bass from the Potomac during the weigh-in for the Living Classroom event.of the big one that got away and catching the wrong breed were among the woes of the day and in the end Jayliah prevailed.

The Nation’s River Bass Tournament annually provides underserved youth with a hands-on fishing and boating experience to increase their exposure to, and appreciation for, our nation’s natural resources. The unique and lively competition today hosted urban students from around the Washington DC area, federal natural resource agencies, corporate sponsors, and other public and private organizations with the primary goal of connecting our youth to the outdoors and teach them about sustainable catch, conservation and recreational fishing and safe boating.

All participants received a rod and reel combination sponsored by Walmart. Top honors went to the following:

2nd: Kyle Hoeth with Captain Bryan Arroyo, one bass, 2-14

3rd: Jason Cho with Captain Mike Branham, one bass, 2-13

4th: Haley May with Captain Dan Ashe, one bass, 2-12

5th: Katie Stombres with Captain Joe Humphrey, one bass, 2-6

5th: Tyler Bowens with Captain Joel Bader, one bass, 2-6

7th: Matthew Coyne with Captain Kelly Hepler, one bass, 2-5

8th: Lizzy Rojas with Captain Jason Tucker, one bass, 2-3

9th: Chandler Thach with Captain Jim Cummins, one bass, 2-0

10th: Trung Nguyen with Captain Kevin Brown, one bass, 1-15

Additionally over 300 Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia students were brought to the National Harbor Marina to fish on the Potomac River along the pier. They were also given hands-on learning experiences regarding water safety and environmental protection. FLW Outdoors opened the Outdoor Expo a day early for students to enjoy as well.