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Pro Picks: Beaver Lake

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Conditions Friday morning were cool, calm and clear: perfect for sight-fishing. Photo by Jeff Schroeder.
April 3, 2006 • MLF • Archives

Tournament site

Welcome back to Beaver Lake. This deep, clear, scenic impoundment in the Arkansas Ozarks has been the site of the annual Wal-Mart Open for nine years straight. It’s familiar territory on tour, and the biggest question each year is, sight-fishing or not? This year, apparently not. The water’s still too cold for the spawn, so expect the pros with strong prespawn patterns to do well. Jigs and finesse baits often play a key role – as has been the case for the winners the last few years – and we might see a strong crankbait contender or two this year. And keep your eye on those who excel at catching spotted bass, which is always a factor at Beaver. Whatever the case, there are definitely patterns of success exhibited by certain pros at this lake, so a glance at past results here won’t hurt your picks.



Wal-Mart FLW Tour stop No. 4
Wal-Mart Open
Beaver Lake, Rogers, Ark.
April 5-8



Clark Wendlandt
FLW pro
Cedar Park, Texas

Record: 3-0
Points: 2,259

FLW pro Clark Wendlandt
FLW pro Dave Lefebre Dave Lefebre
FLW pro
Erie, Pa.

Record: 2-1
Points: 1,716

1) JASON KILPATRICKJason has a great command of fishing Beaver in the prespawn. He has made at least two top-10s, and I expect him to do well this week.
2) ANTHONY GAGLIARDIAnthony is a great fisherman and has momentum on his side. I believe he is leading the Angler of the Year race, and at this point I really expect him to win it.
3) SHINICHI FUKAEHe is proving that two years ago was no fluke. I really like him this week.
4) CHRIS MCCALLChris is fishing better than he ever has, and he just won the Stren Series event at Sam Rayburn. Momentum is definitely on his side, and to top it off he loves Beaver.
5) CLARK WENDLANDTThis has got to be my favorite tournament lake.
1) SHINICHI FUKAEOne of the best on this type of reservoir. He has done well here in the past, and I think the big prespawn spots will show Shin some love again.
2) VIC VATALAROMy Northern Love pick is back. I started off the year by picking the Vic-ster No. 1 at Okeechobee. After having a couple of bad ones, I look for him to pick it back up on Beaver. This place really suits his style.
3) RANDY BLAUKATWhen I think of Beaver Lake, I think of spinning rods and little crankbaits. When I look at spinning rods and little crankbaits, I see Randy Blaukat. Plus, I think he might have caught a fish or two here before.
4) DION HIBDONDion has done well here in recent years. He knows how to bring in a monster sack of largemouth and catch those little spotted freaks, too. I think we will see a big bag on day one from him.
5) CLARK WENDLANDTCould there possibly be 20 fish spawning in Beaver this week? If so, Clark will find them and surge back into the top 10 where he belongs. If not, he’ll catch ‘em anyway – as long as Rob Newell gives back his lucky old crankbait. (For the love of God, Newell, give the man his bait back.)


David Dudley
FLW pro
Lynchburg, Va.

Record: 2-1
Points: 1,893

FLW pro David Dudley
FLW pro Carl Svebek III Carl Svebek
FLW pro
Siloam Springs, Ark.

Record: 1-2
Points: 1,785

1) DARREL ROBERTSONNot only has he fished this lake all his life, but his confidence is unbelievably high. I think that, with the lake being low, he will tap into his memory banks and know exactly where to go.
2) CARL SVEBEK IIISince moving to Arkansas, he has fished this lake enough to make the right decisions at the right time. Also, since there is no sight-fishing going on, his height won’t hurt him.
3) ART BERRYThis is my dark horse. I know from fishing out West that he has a lot of experience fishing clear water with light line, so this should be right up his alley. Don’t let me down, Swimbait King.
4) SHINICHI FUKAEI know I sound like a broken record, but I will pick him as long as he is doing well.
5) MARK DAVISThis man we all know just flat-out catches them. With him being from Arkansas, he will know what to do and where to go to find his schools of fish.
1) ROB KILBYComing off a good finish at Pickwick, I feel he will carry it on to Beaver. He has always been real consistent at Beaver and I look for him to have a good tournament.
2) LUKE CLAUSENI feel he is one to watch at Beaver. I would imagine he is hungry again, and I look for him to have a top finish.
3) LARRY NIXONYou can never count him out. I am sure he is ready for this one.
4) ANDRE MOOREA two-time winner at Beaver, I’m sure he will be ready to gun for No. 3. This is water that he is very confident on, and he will be ready.
5) GEORGE COCHRANHe has done it all. I am sure he has done his homework and will be ready for Beaver. Look for him to bring consistent bags in each day.
Art Berry
FLW pro
Hemet, Calif.

Record: 1-2
Points: 1,712

FLW pro Art Berry
FLW pro Randy Blaukat Randy Blaukat
FLW pro
Lamar, Mo.

Record: 0-3
Points: 1,626

1) DARREL ROBERTSONAfter losing the winning fish here last year, he’s back for revenge. No more Heartbreak Hotel.
2) CLARK WENDLANDTHe’s won more money on Beaver then most will win in a lifetime, and he’s due.
3) ART BERRYThis is one of my favorite lakes: clear water, California-style fishing. And rumor has it they might bite the swimbait.
4) JEREMIAH KINDYThe Kindy Man can. He’s a strong, upcoming pro who definitely knows this lake and has been fishing great all year. He should finish real strong here.
5) TOM MANN JRA world-class spotted-bass fisherman at a spotted-bass lake. Can you smell what the Mann is cooking?
1) CECIL KINGSLEYCecil has made top 10s before at Beaver, and he loves to throw a Carolina rig. With the low water, this is going to be a top technique. Cecil has also done well in regional events there, and his wife Teresa will be helping him practice.
2) JIM MOYNAGHJim is another angler who has had good success on Beaver, and is a good deep-jig fisherman. I look for him to be throwing his rock jig and catching some big spots.
3) RANDY BLAUKATI’ve got the flow going some now, and I look forward to the low water at Beaver. I think this tournament will be won deep with finesse, and I will have a lot of practice looking for those types of fish.
4) KAREN SAVIKKaren is on her way to being the first female angler to qualify for the tour championship. I feel she is on a confidence roll, and I think the female touch may be the ticket on the spooky Beaver bass.
5) GUIDO HIBDONI feel Guido is on the verge of a win or very high finish. He has been fishing fairly consistently, and no doubt will be throwing his little homemade jigs here, which will bring him five chunks each day.


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