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Forrest Wood Cup Day 2 Coverage

Friday's final update from on the water
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Dave Lefebre says he's on a special pattern and could make a comeback this weekend. Don't doubt him. He did it at Lewis Smith. Photo by Sean Ostruszka. Angler: Dave Lefebre.
August 21, 2015 • MLF • Archives

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3:10 p.m.: Lefebre gaining ground, while others deal with the grind

We can't say exactly what Dave Lefebre is doing right now, but it's definitely working. He went on a tear today and has a shot at making the top-20 cut. Just about everyone else is struggling.

Here's what we know as of 3:10 p.m. about the rest of the field, in no particular order:

Brad Knight: 14 pounds

Brandon Cobb: 9 to 10 pounds

Matt Stefan: two for 5 pounds

Stetson Blaylock: a small limit (we haven't heard from him in several hours)

Jacob Wheeler: 10 1/2 pounds

Ish Monroe: one keeper (no updates since lunchtime)

Chris McCall: two keepers

Shane Lehew: three keepers

Adrian Avena: limit of less than 10 pounds

Scott Martin: 11 pounds

Shin Fukae: one keeper

Mark Daniels Jr.: 10 pounds

Ramie Colson Jr.: 11 pounds

Scott Canterbury: three keepers (no updates since lunchtime)

Larry Nixon: four keepers

Richard Peek: small limit

Peter T: one keeper

Roy Hawk: two keepers

Troy Morrow: one keeper

Clent Davis: three keepers

Andy Morgan: three keepers

John Cox: three keepers

David Dudley: two keepers

Cody Meyer: one keeper

Todd Auten: 10 pounds

Chris Baumgardner: 10 pounds


Watch the entire field weigh in at 5 p.m. CT at


2:25 p.m.: Lefebre is coming on strong

After catching 8 pounds, 14 ounces for 26th place on day one, Dave Lefebre has put together a very strong day two. He reports having a 12-pound limit, but he's seen the kind of bass to have sacked up 20 pounds. His prediction: He'll have 18 pounds by weigh-in.

That's awfully bold, but then again, Lefebre made a very similar claim going into the weekend at Lewis Smith Lake for the 2015 Tour qualifier, and he ended up making a final-day comeback to win that tournament. His co-angler, Cecil Wolfe, has landed a limit too, so they're certainly around fish.

While typing this update, a report came in that Lefebre has numerous schools busting all around him. He's casting in every direction. What will he catch? We'll update here at 3 p.m. for our final blog post, or follow along on the live feed.


Byron gets a lesson in schooling bass from Scott Martin


A look back at Ish's morning


1:10 p.m.: It's hot, it's calm and there's an opportunity for anyone to take over the lead

Brad Knight has been the story of the day thus far. He's got 14 to 15 pounds, but he has tapered off a bit over the last 90 minutes. Andy Morgan is finally picking up some steam with a few keepers, and Adrian Avena has a small limit with his focus now set on improving. Mark Daniels Jr. made a little upgrade recently. That might put him in the top 10 at tonight's weigh-in. And finally, Todd Auten capitalized on the bright sunshine by catching a pair of keepers in the span of 10 minutes once the sun broke through the clouds. He's got double-digits, but he still needs to catch a kicker.

Maybe 10 or so anglers have reached double-digits. Those banking on the afternoon bite still have plenty of time, with more than two hours until the first flight has to check in.

It's getting hot, and the action has slowed, but we'll do our best to keep bringing you updates. Follow live at the OTW feed here.


Brandon Cobb is flat out on 'em.

12:25 a.m.: The lull has set in. Ouachita is challenging everyone now.

The report now is that there's not much to report. This sunshine has really shut down the bite. We haven't had much in the way of fish-catch updates in about an hour.

As of now, no one has matched Brad Knight's pace. Though, out of nowhere, Todd Auten is piecing together a nice catch. He only has three keepers, but they total 10 pounds. A couple more decent fish and he'll be in the teens.


Watch the leader, Brad Knight, in action on Ouachita


Fish on!

11:45 a.m.: Another condition change challenges anglers

This sun is out now, whereas the entire morning period up until now has been overcast and cool. Yesterday, anglers did a lot of running around during the midday and afternoon hours, when sunshine, high skies and an east wind settled over the lake. Will they fire up the outboards and start moving again today? We're waiting to see.

The last hour or so has been pretty stagnant. Mark Daniels Jr. filled his limit – he has about 8 1/2 pounds – but most of the rest of the top 20 have experienced a little lull in the action. Give them a little time, though, because these are the best pros in the world. They'll make their adjustments and be back into fish in no time.


Mark Daniels Jr. is on the schooling bass pattern


Watch the day-one iON highlight reel


Brad Knight is on 'em and he's pumped.

11:10 a.m.: Knight still leads

A brief period of sunshine just set in over Ouachita, which gave a few anglers hopes that their shallow bluegill patterns might turn on. Of course, several of the top pros have been torching fish in the shallows all morning.

Brad Knight is our leader right now. He has 14 pounds and still hasn't caught any from his "afternoon big-fish spot."

Here's what else we know:

Brandon Cobb: 8-9 pounds

Matt Stefan: one keeper

Stetson Blaylock: small limit

Jacob Wheeler: two keepers

Ish Monroe: one keeper

Chris McCall: one keeper

Shane Lehew: three keepers, including a 3 1/2-pounder

Adrian Avena: one keeper

Scott Martin: 11 pounds

Shin Fukae: one keeper

Mark Daniels Jr.: one keeper

Ramie Colson Jr.: 10 pounds

Scott Canterbury: three keepers

Larry Nixon: four keepers

Cody Meyer: one keeper

Todd Auten: 4 pounds

Chris Baumgardner: 10 pounds


10:50 a.m.: Random schooling activity tormenting the top 10

The schooling bite continues to fire on Lake Ouachita, but it's so random that it's testing anglers' patience. Mark Daniels Jr. had an entire school blow up around him, but all he could muster was a small non-keeper. Scott Martin and Jacob Wheeler have each asked the media members to keep their distance, because the fish are coming up in unpredictable places, and they want to make sure they can cast 360 degrees around the boat.

Not much else has changed since our last update. The sky is still overcast, and there was a rumor of rain, but it hasn't materialized. Another front is approaching too. This afternoon could be really, really good, especially if the topwater bite keeps up all day.

The best areas are absolutely where there's shad, and in addition to topwater, finesse baits such as drop-shots are working. The other solid bite has been on shallow wood.


10 a.m.: Brad Knight has improved his limit, and Scott Martin is gaining steam

Tennessean Brad Knight is still in control. He has upgraded his limit to about 14 pounds and still has one squeaker in the livewell. If he can replace it with a solid fish, Knight could jump into the official lead this evening.

Ish Monroe and Jacob Wheeler are having slow mornings, which has left the door open for Knight and others, including Scott Martin. The former Cup champ has been on a tear lately. He's chasing schooling fish, and the bass are blowing up all over the place.

It seems like the schooling bite is staying strong in these overcast conditions all across the lake. Mark Daniels Jr. has witnessed a big schooling flurry too, though he hasn't been able to capitalize like Martin has.

Videos with Martin, Knight and others are on the way soon.


John Cox is looking for redemption after mechanical issues shortened his first day


Mark Rose catches up with Brandon Cobb


9 a.m.: Brad Knight is the new unofficial leader

Cell service is terribly sketchy where Brad Knight is fishing, but after seven broken phone calls, we finally have the full story of what just went down. Knight was taking a sip of Coke when he got a solid bite, held the bottle in his mouth and then proceeded to land a 3-pounder without ever dropping the bottle. Then, a little while later, he dumped a rod in the drink while landing a 5-pounder. We've got a runner headed up to retrieve photos of the scene now. Service is too weak to send them electronically. Stay tuned.


8:40 a.m.: Wheeler on the board; Ish with a big miss

As soon as the last update was published, we got three important updates. First, Stetson Blaylock added a keeper to his bag. His four are all small. Second, Jacob Wheeler landed two keepers. One is small, but the other is a quality bass. Third, Ish Monroe has had several misses, including a 3-pounder that came off while he tried to flip it in the boat. He's going to need several 3-pounders to stay in the hunt going into the weekend. That one could really hurt. Opportunities for fish of that size don't come around often on Ouachita right now.


8:30 a.m.: Knight, Cobb and Blaylock start strong

It's been a slow morning thus far for tournament leaders Jacob Wheeler and Ish Monroe. Neither has a keeper yet. Behind them, however, Bradd Knight and Brandon Cobb have three apiece. A mix of topwater and finesse baits has done the deed for them so far.

Further back the standings, Stetson Blaylock, who's in 17th, landed three keepers in a sudden flurry that lasted about five minutes. His school had temporarily disappeared, so he slid down the bank about 50 yards and quickly reconnected, catching those three keepers.

Cobb, Knight and Mark Daniels Jr. are fishing within 100 yards of each other. Monroe isn't too far away from them. Talk about a hot zone.


Hear about Jacob Wheeler's day-one performance at the Forrest Wood Cup


Ish Monroe is dialed in on Lake Ouachita. Hear what he has to say about it.


8 a.m.: A crowd gathers in the Blakely area

Two things stood out from takeoff through the first hour of fishing. First, a lot more anglers had tied on buzzing topwaters, either toads or buzzbaits. They're anticipating some more active shallow feeding with this morning's overcast conditions. Second, the Blakely area of Lake Ouachita is getting very crowded. At least a quarter of the field is there, including most of the top five.

FLW's media crew is also up there. Stay tuned for on-the-water video updates from Byron Velvick and Walmart pro Mark Rose.


Day 2 Morning Report