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Beaver Lake Day 3 Coverage

Johnny McCombs is having himself a day
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Cody Meyer Photo by Curtis Niedermier. Angler: Cody Meyer.
April 29, 2017 • MLF • Archives

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2:33 Weigh-in will start early today

Due to the weather conditions today we’re starting weigh-in early. The pros are due to check-in at 3:15 p.m. CT, and weigh-in will start immediately after that, likely at about 3:30 p.m. CT. You’ll be able to watch it live on, but we frankly wouldn’t advise coming down to Prairie Creek as there’s a tree blocking the road. As for the coverage blog, our whole team is safely off the water, so we’re wrapped for the day. 


1:58 Cox limits

John Cox just put his fifth fish in the boat, a solid 2-pounder, and is unofficially in third place. He’s got a knack for making magic, so tomorrow he might be a man to watch out for. 


Joseph Webster

1:40 A few updates

Fishing through the storm, Bryan Thrift has filled his limit. Most of them are probably small, but at least one is pretty decent. Joseph Webster is also fishing through it and just caught his fifth as well shortly before taking shelter. Finally, Daniel Kweekul recently added a 3-pound smallmouth to his bag. 


12:50 It’s impossible to oversell the weather

We knew some bad weather was in store, but it’s still impressive when it hits. It’s thundering and lightning and pouring right now with no end in sight. Anyone still fishing in this is both brave and very stupid. 


12:30 Welcome back!

Hey folks, welcome back from FLW Live. We’ll be with you on the blog the rest of the way, but it’s going to be a bit until we actually have some new information for you. The weather looks pretty terrible the rest of the way, so we’re going to be very limited on the coverage we can safely provide from the water. 


12:20 Some of the pros are still fishing

It’s really bad out on the lake now, but some of the pros are still fishing. Our whole coverage team has pretty much gotten to the bank or under a dock to stay somewhat dry and safe. Plus side, the weather on Sunday is supposed to be pretty prime. 


12:13 Reyes has quit fishing

It’s pouring out on the lake now, and Jason Reyes has decided that discretion is the better part of valor for the moment. He’s got his rod down and is just kinda waiting out the storm and the lightning that’s moving around out there. Reyes isn’t going to be the only one to quit fishing for a bit, but some folks who don’t have great limits might really try and push things past the point of safety in search of a keeper. 


12:05 Alexander limits, other updates

Dean Alexander has filled out his limit for about 8 pounds now. Keith Bryan just caught his fourth, and it’s a good one, a chunky 3-pounder. Finally, Randy Blaukat has wrangled a third decent keeper into the boat. 


Tim Frederick

11:55 A 3-pounder for Frederick

Tim Frederick got on to something pretty special at the very end of day two, but he hasn’t quite dialed it in yet on day three. Now, he just caught his third fish of the day, a decent 3-pounder on a squarebill. 


11:50 So, about that weather

It looks like it’s about to get pretty bad out on the lake. There’s a pile of rain heading toward the lake and it looks like some pretty strong storms are slipping down on the lake. That will probably slow down out update game a little in the afternoon. 


11:40 Another cull for McMillan

Brandon McMillan just swapped out a small spotted bass for a decent largemouth. It gains him about a half pound and should help to keep it in the top five. A kicker or two would get him really close to the leaders. 


11:35 The weather has been surprisingly nice

Though it was pretty nasty at takeoff, the weather since has actually been pretty decent. There’s some rain moving over the lake now, but the worst of the front has largely slid over to the north of Beaver Lake. Fingers crossed it stays nice and calm and cloudy through weigh-in. As much as bass and ducks like rain, it’s actually not that fun to fish in. 


11:20 Meyer adds, McMillan culls

Cody Meyer just dropped down and caught a spotted bass he marked on his electronics for his fourth keeper.

Brandon McMillan culled again with a 2+ largemouth. He says he’s "getting where we need to be," and another cull or two will get him right back up with the leaders. 


11:14 An icebreaker for Alexander, Stefan

Dean Alexander is finally on the board with a 2-pounder. He’s got a long way to go to get back into the top five.

Matt Stefan has added to his creel a bit, and now had three smallish keepers. 


Daniel Kweekul

11:07 A couple updates

Around the field, Christopher Brasher just filled out a small limit of spotted bass at light speed. Jeff Dobson has two small ones. Daniel Kweekul recently added his second as well, as did Nick Gainey. 


11:00 Meyer is on the move

After revisiting his primary smallmouth area and conducting a brief finesse fishing clinic on FLW Live, Cody Meyer is on the move again. He has a lot of history on Beaver, so he’s got a lot of stuff to run, but today it isn’t happening for him. There’s a pretty good chance he’ll wind up back in Prairie Creek eventually, but for now he’s popping around down the lake and likely looking for a couple good smallmouths to fill out his limit. 


John Cox

10:52 Here comes Cox

John Cox just popped a 3-pounder in the boat from a bush and now has four in the livewell. He’s just shy of a limit now and has more than 9 pounds in the boat. Per our marshal, he’s kinda starting to feel it. 


Jason Reyes

10:50 McCombs and Reyes cull again

Johnny McCombs just culled up again. By his estimate, he has more than 17 pounds in the boat now. He’s having a transcendent day.

Jason Reyes just culled as well, swapping out a spotted bass for a 2+ smallmouth. 


Christopher Brasher

10:40 McMillan limits, Canterbury culls, Brasher gets going

Big Mac just limited out with a small largemouth he caught flipping a jig. He’s got a pretty light limit, but it’s probably going to keep him in the top 10 and in contention going into the final day.

Up the river, Scott Canterbury just culled up with a 2-pounder. He’s got nearly 10 pounds in the ‘well now.

Chris Brasher finally got on the board after a run back toward takeoff from down the lake. Now he’s got a pair of little spotted bass going for him. 


10:25 Three for Meyer

Cody Meyer just put his third keeper in the boat. Still no word on what he’s doing, but none of them are big. He’s fishing down the lake, and all his keepers are small at this point. 


Bradley Dortch

10:15 Bryan and Dortch

Keith Bryan is up to two keepers now and Bradley Dortch has three in the boat. 


Johnny McCombs

10:05 McCombs caught a giant

Oh Johnny! Johnny McCombs just caught a 5+ on a buzzbait to cull out a decent fish and push his total to more than 16 pounds. After faltering on day two, he’s really turned it on today. With that, he's unofficially mere ounces behind Jason Reyes for the lead. 


9:58 Meyer has two

Cody Meyer has two keepers, of that we’re pretty sure. However, due to a combination of rain and bad service, we don’t know the size or any other pertinent details. That said, his day isn’t going as miserably as it looks on the leaderboard.  


Brandon McMillan

9:45 McMillan update

Brandon McMillan is still one shy of a limit. He caught all his fish today in a flurry this morning when a school of spotted bass came up busting in a pocket he was fishing. He started out flipping shallow, but now he’s fishing a little deeper and is reportedly about to abandon the flipping deal. 


Johnny McCombs

9:30 Reyes is about ready to move, McCombs culls

Jason Reyes is putting his rods up and getting ready to move in search of a kicker. Meanwhile, Johnny McCombs just caught another good fish on a buzzbait to cull up about a pound. McCombs is fishing a little clearer water than he was early in the derby, and it seems to be working out for him. 


9:05 Still nothing for Meyer

Cody Meyer has been hopping around a bunch down on the lower end of the lake, but he hasn’t boxed a keeper yet. He almost certainly will eventually, but it’s been a rough morning so far for the California pro.

Elsewhere, Bradley Dortch and Bryan Thrift have two keepers now and Matt Stefan just caught his first of the day. 


Brandon McMillan

8:57 McMillan update

Brandon McMillan has been out of service for most of the morning, but he just moved into range and we’ve got him with four keeper spotted bass. Not a great start, but a start nonetheless. 


Johnny McCombs

8:35 McCombs is catching

Johnny McCombs is off to a wicked hot start. He hasn’t caught many, but all his fish are good ones, and he now has an estimated 13 pounds in the boat. Every single one of them has come on a buzzbait. 


Jason Reyes

8:24 Reyes makes a big cull

Moving into the back of an area where Joseph Webster and John Cox are milling around, Jason Reyes just put a 3-pounder in the boat. He’s tossing a shaky head to bushes he can’t see (because of how high the water is), and his outside edge approach seems to be going very well. He’s got more than a 10-pound lead now, but there’s a long way to go. 


8:14 Canterbury and Kweekul

Scott Canterbury has a limit that he largely accumulated in secret. In total, it goes about 7 or 8 pounds and he’s got four spotted bass and one largemouth.

Daniel Kweekul just landed his first keeper of the day, a solid largemouth that goes more than 2 pounds. 


8:05 Four for Webster, Reyes moves

Joseph Webster has been flipping and spinnerbaiting in a pocket near takeoff and just locked up his fourth keeper of the morning. Jason Reyes has now moved off his starting spot – he’s headed to flip, which is how he caught his bigger fish on day two. 


Nick Gainey

7:52 Gainey strikes, others

Nick Gainey is on the board now with a decent 2-pounder to get his day going. Bryan Thrift has a keeper largemouth in the boat now as well, and Randy Blaukat has his first keeper. 


Jason Reyes

7:50 Reyes info

Jason Reyes is fishing a saddle between an island and the mainland and is swapping between a wacky rig, a jerkbait and a swimbait. Sometimes the fish come up schooling, but he’s doing a fair amount of fan casting as well. 


7:35 Ashmore limits, Reyes weight estimate

Scott Ashmore just limited out and then culled with a decent largemouth. He’s got about 6 or 7 pounds now. Jason Reyes just made a decent cull with a spotted bass and thinks he’s got about 10 pounds now. 


Jason Reyes

7:17 More updates, Reyes is culling, Meyer moving

Johnny McCombs is on the board now with two keepers (one good one) and Scott Ashmore has landed four small spotted bass in quick succession. Jason Reyes has culled three times now for ounces, and has a little schooling activity on his spot.

Cody Meyer didn’t spend much time in Prairie Creek – he’s pulled out and is almost to the dam now. 


Jason Reyes

7:10 Reyes has a limit

Jason Reyes actually has a limit. He’s got a smallmouth and four spotted bass so far. It’s an odd mix considering his bag on day three was carried by smallmouth, but a limit is never a bad thing. He says it totals about 8 pounds. 


Joseph Webster

7:03 Webster, Cox, Blaukat, photos

Joseph Webster has his second now, a decent 2-pounder to go with a keeper largemouth. With weights as stacked as they are, that bumps him up into fifth unofficially. John Cox is also on the board now, boxing nearly a 3-pounder to get going.

Down the lake, Randy Blaukat has started off throwing a floating worm. No results so far.

Just as a note for our readers, you’re not going to see many OTW photos while it’s still pouring like this. It’s tough to pull out a laptop in the rain and the darkness is real rough on distance photography. 


6:50 Another for Reyes

The rain is only getting heavier, but it isn’t bothering Jason Reyes. He just out his fourth keeper in the boat – at the rate he’s going he’ll have a limit by about 6:55. 


Beaver Lake Live

6:46 FLW Live Returns

Live on-the-water coverage returns today at 8:30 a.m. CT and runs until 12:30 p.m. CT. Follow the action alongside the anglers as well as hosts Travis Moran and Rob Newell. Luckily for us on the sidelines, we'll stay dry while viewing. 


6:44 Reyes strikes first

While Cody Meyer has started off in Prairie Creek, Jason Reyes has caught fire in the pouring rain. He started his day with a pair of 3-pounders on almost back-to-back casts.

Joseph Webster is also on the board with a solid largemouth keeper.  


6:30 Meyer vs. Reyes after two days

Cody Meyer still caught ‘em pretty well on day two of the FLW Tour presented by General Tire on Beaver Lake, but Jason Reyes caught them better and closed the gap in a big way. Now, heading into day three, the Texas pro is just 3 ounces off the lead. Beaver Lake has hit the pros with a slew of challenges this week, from rising water and logjams to storms and finicky, confused bass. The next two days promise to be as big a challenge as ever, with more than 3 inches of rain forecasted to drench northwest Arkansas and raise an already flooded Beaver higher by the minute.



Temperature at takeoff: 64 degrees

Forecast high: 75 degrees

Sky: cloudy

Precipitation: raining at takeoff, 90 percent chance of rain

Wind: S at 18 mph

Water level: 1,127.3 feet at takeoff


Tournament details

Format: All pros and co-anglers will compete for two days. The co-angler champion will be crowned on day two, and the field will be cut to the top 20 pros on day three and the top 10 pros on day four. The winners will be determined by total cumulative weight.

Takeoff Time: 6:30 a.m. CT

Takeoff Location: Prairie Creek Recreation Area, 9300 North Park Road, Rogers, AR

Weigh-In Time: 3 p.m. CT on days one and two; 4 p.m. CT on days three and four

Weigh-In Location: Prairie Creek all days